Frontlines dev denies FPS fatigue

Videogamer writes:

"The art director on upcoming shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War has denied that gamers are currently suffering from FPS fatigue.

Luis Cataldi, art director at Frontlines developer Kaos Studios, believes the high number of critically acclaimed first-person shooter games that have come out in 2007, like Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and BioShock, has instead "created more of an appetite".

Speaking at a hands-on even for Frontlines, which depicts a near future world where the West is fighting the East over the Earth's last reserves of oil, Cataldi told that while there is the "opportunity" for FPS fatigue to be true, the opposite is in fact happening."

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gamesblow3904d ago

I am... I'm sick of them. I'm not buying anymore until Killzone 2 and Resistance. Maybe not even Killzone 2 if it comes out in the next 3 to 4 months. I want a break from them. A big one. I'm so tired of playing as a gun, flipping switches and going from point A to B. FPS's need a huge reinvention. They need to be more expansive and not so close quarters. They need to start offering us more to do.

Lucreto3904d ago

I know what you mean. Can't wait for the RPGs and platformers to come out.

Folklore, Ratchet and others will keep me going for a while.

m91058263904d ago

I know that I'm sick of FPSs. I couldn't even finish Bioshock just because it felt so 'meh' to me after so many FPSs. I loved CoD4 though, which says a lot about the quality of it.

grapchap3904d ago

After R6 Vegas, Halo, Call of Duty, Orange Box and others... I'm burned out. I went back to Final Fantasy IX and XII, Suikoden Tactics and NBA 2K8... need some more rpg's...

name3904d ago

I'll buy killzone 2 and resistance 2. That's it until Q3 2009.

mighty_douche3904d ago

oh and, Battlefield BC, Far Cry 2 and probably a few more.

But FPS is my favourite genre, so : )

socomnick3904d ago

yea I never get tired of fps as long as they introduce something new.

marioporter3904d ago

I'm completely burned out on them. FPS 3rdPS, all of them. This guy is obvioulsy just schilling his game.

mighty_douche3904d ago

love them sooo much i spent £2000 on a PC. You just play the good ones, i dont care if there 10 crap ones or 10 thousand.

eddierivera3904d ago

I cant believe its coming out for the xbox first! Its cool though, I was so anxious about this game, but now i see where the makers of frontlines have dedicated themselves to,, ill still buy this though. Next year is a big year for fps's, Battlefield looks so damn good,, turok and Metal gear online too,, I dont know if ill have time to play them all!

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