FlatOut 3's CEO wanted to send the police to an individual who used his name on Metacritic

DSOGaming writes: "Oh boy, I don't know which is worse. That someone used Ronnie Nelis name to post a user review in Metacritic or that Nelis wanted to send the police to him? Long story short, an individual trolled FlatOut 3's Metacritic page and posted a user review by using the name of Team 6 Studios' CEO. Ronnie Nelis found out about it, contacted Metacritic and the review was removed. So far, so good. What followed afterwards, though, caught us off guard."

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WolfLeBlack2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Well, that's certainly.....extreme. I'm not even sure on what grounds he could of been planning to call the cops on. Identity theft?

Wait, does that mean every time I put a towel round my neck when I was a kid and pretended to be Batman it was actually identity theft!? Oh, crap. I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE SHOWER RAPED IN JAIL!!!!!!

john22379d ago

you're not batman... I'm Batman... I have a utility belt :P

Kennytaur2379d ago

No, I'm the goddamn Batman! *in a rough voice*

noorbert2379d ago

yeah, that guy deserves electric chair or worse.

hazelamy2379d ago

what could be worse than the chair?

oh wait, i know.
this on continuous loop.

i'm so evil. ^_^

killerhog2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

we should call the SVU officers to arrest Ronnie Nelis for raping the video game industry with crap games. now, a lot of you are probably like, 'but why the SVU officers?' well, a lot of little kids play video games and are being exposed/raped by crap games being made by team six and ronnie nelis


Jake_the_Dog2379d ago

The police should charge the CEO for wasting their time.