23 Images from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Gamersyde, 2007-12-11: "Polyphony just updated the official website of Gran Turismo, and what an update! No less than twenty-three fantastic screenshots of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, which looks as gorgeous as ever."

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Blademask3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

M3 coupe?!?!
C6 Z06???
HDr Lighting??

all with the Polyphony treatment? Attention to friggen STITCHING?!?! Gran turismo has always been the closest ill get to X/Y/Z cars. And this is just the friggen DEMO?!!

I'm sorry, but this is the ONLY reason I bought my PS3. Forza has held me over, its Gran Turismo time.

I am very excited, and if that makes me gay.. well... I pitch.

Also, its very nice to see polyphony spend the time on the cars, but now.. look at that environment? Jaw dropping.. I love you Polyphony, I hate you for making me buy a g25 wheel, before the game is even out :)

looks like they ditched the sprite people too.

SimmoUK3935d ago

I haven't seen the city shots before, the game looks absolutely jaw dropping great car models and the scenery has improved as well...

Korosuke3935d ago

I want to see damaged car screenshots...

AznSniper3935d ago

You probably won't see that until Gran Turismo 5. Kazunori said that they will probably add damage later as downloadable content. He also said that if they were to put damage into the game it would have to be realistic which gives them troubles with their licenses to crash their cars. I see damage as not a big thing yet because I don't want to drive a car in the game with everything breaking down in the engine with each and every crash which slows your car down.

Watkins3935d ago

PSUs preview said there would in fact be damage models in prologue.

AznSniper3935d ago

PSU is wrong. Kazunori never confirmed such a thing. The only likely chance for damage would be in the full fledged GT5. If there would be damage incorporated into the game, wouldn't it already be in the demo?

Korosuke3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Thanks watkins. That's what I mean.

Yes, I heard that thing too. But as Watkins pointed, PSU mentioned damage model in GT5P.
I don't trust PSU at all. So I'm curious about whether it's true or not. I doubt credibility of that article.

Watkins3935d ago

Well theyve played the game, so unless they are flat out lying, we'll see damage models in GT5P. Why would they make up such a thing if they weren't sure of it? ... I hope it's true, or else all credability is lost with them. Can't see why they would make up such a thing if it wasn't true. THat's outrageous.

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kingofps33935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Holy crap it looks so goooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Gates3935d ago

AAHAHAHHA..."pawns real life".

BABOON BOTS will instead say "Forza pawns GT5", in which case I'll just laugh HARDER.....aaahhahahahahahHHAH AHAHHAHHAHHAHHA

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The story is too old to be commented.