Microsoft will need more than a food salesman to fix Xbox problems

SmartHouse - David Richards, Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007:

"Microsoft is going to need more than a new salesman if it is to stay competitive in the gaming console market. Late last week Microsoft who this year have had to face up to claims that 30% of their Xbox 360 consoles were duds appointed a Nestle former food executive Sean Davies as their new Entertainment Devices sales director in an effort to bolster retail sales for their fledgling console and gaming software."

Richards writes that a big problem for the Microsoft Australia is their PR, marketing and brand consistency at a consumer level.

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ShiftyLookingCow3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Its David Richards. Read his previous articles.

edit: well he is supposed to be anti MS. He is the one who made the rumor that MS is releasing a 360 with inbuilt HD-DVD and stuff.

Blademask3789d ago

Is that a good thing? or a bad thing?

ktchong3789d ago

He has certain credibility issues. Well, he has a lot of credibility issues.

But I just submit the story. Doesn't mean I agree with or even respect what he has to say.

marionz3788d ago

posted by round peg...oh why am i not surprised!

this site doesnt need people like round peg, crazy fanboys that spend more time posting trash about the compitition than actually enjoying their console of choice

mighty_douche3789d ago

still everything he said is true.

Zhuk3789d ago

Basically this is an awful article from somebody who is notorious for having an anti-360 agenda.

His criticism also makes no sense. The guys job is to sell Xbox 360s in Australia, he's just a marketer he is not responsible at all for the RROD issue, which already has been fixed thanks to hardware revisions and manufacturing rates and failure rates are down according to MS executives. It's like asking a receptionist at Samsung to fix your TV, it's not gonna happen.

Also, I would like to point out the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 this year in Australia and has outsold the Wii for the last 3 months. Australia is one of Xbox 360s strongest territories, up there with US, Canada and UK

Silver Bull3t3789d ago

"....the RROD issue, which already has been fixed thanks to hardware revisions".

This has yet to be proven imo. I'd love for that to be the case, but until they shrink the XenoS I'm not expecting the rediculous amount of "general hardware failures" to be resolved. The XenoN shrink and heatsink revision was a step in the right direction, but they need to get the GPU revision DONE and increase airflow thru the case. I'm a 360 owner and fan, but if they don't get their sh!t together I'm defecting.

ukilnme3789d ago

I am a PSWii60 supporter but if MS does not truly fix the 360's issues, I am done with it after the 3 year warranty.

richie007bond3788d ago

Spot on,well said bubbles 4 u

Ashta3788d ago

Well, supposedly the new Falcon chips RRoD out as well. Youtube has like a thousand RRoD videos uploaded and many of them are Elites (which Microsoft said wasn't supposed to RRoD) and the new Premium 360's (which have the silver DVD instead of the old white one. This was the model that supposedly dropped the Zephyr chip for the cooler Falcon and added HDMI).

Hell, a while back a japanese tech guru (the story was posted on here or Kotaku....cant remember) tested the wattage and temperature outputs of the 360 and found that the inside of the box got upwards to 100 degree's C for the Elite. pretty darned hot. The fact of the matter is that 360's still shut down day after day yet Microsoft has said that the issue was already supposed to be resolved. My local gamestop has had to replace their demo 360 4 times they don't have a kiosk set up anymore....

Oncnawan3788d ago

Xbox 360 Premiums have had the chrome DVD tray since launch. Nice try, though.

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bigmack3789d ago


Mikey_Gee3789d ago

The story was probably dug up by a 360 hater and hardcore PS3 fan that hates anything without a Sony logo.

This was posted to help fuel the fanboy fires that are in full force on these type of sites.

littletad3789d ago

The majority of people on here are Sony fans. At first, there's nothing wrong with that, but all they dig up is anti-360 articles with little to no credentials.

PS3PCFTW3789d ago

haha.........expect more anti microsoft articles from here on out.

its inevitable.

the cosumer, media and average joe are finally realizing what a piece of sh1t the 360 is, and what a value the ps3 is.

just remember my words.

Lord Cheese3789d ago

so, you've got a "cosumer" what ever that may be, and "average joe" which as i recall, was a bad US dating show, that have realised rabid fanboys cant help trolling.

If thats what makes up the games buying public, its no wonder everyone is buying wiis.

Besides, if you actually read something before you posted it, you'd realise that your comments are utterly ridiculous. There have been anti-microsoft posts all over the internet for years, and there will be for many years to come, regardless of their success in the games industry. You fanboys would do yourselves such a favor if you thought before you posted, for a start you wouldnt sound like 10 year olds trying to start a playground punch up.

ukilnme3789d ago

I will remember your words and I will also remember that you are a worthless troll.

ironwolf3789d ago

That's why they don't buy games for their console. They have to wait for mommy to go to Toys R Us.

Pothead213788d ago

Fanboys stunt the growth of the video game industry as a whole. As you sit there screaming to anyone who will listen that MS is the devil and the PS3 is better in every way, you don't see that the other consoles have their own good points. you don't realize that what you're doing is slowing the advancement of all videogames.

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