US Army Using Official Microsoft Halo 3 Tournaments For Recruiting

A press release from Microsoft's game division hit my inbox today with a seemingly harmless title:

Microsoft and U.S. Army Present First Ever "Halo 3? Championship Tournament on Xbox LIVE

Ok that's fine and dandy that the Army decided to sponsor the event but read a little further into the PR and you'll see how far the rabbit hole really goes.

"To further ensure that players are trained to the top of their games, the Army is also hosting a Destination Experience blade on Xbox LIVE. When the program begins, gamers will be able to access the blade via their Xbox LIVE dashboard, gaining access to multiple videos and a Tips and Tricks section dedicated to providing the best combat strategies and advice the Army experts have to offer."

Well what do you know, the last paragraph of a fun press release about an upcoming Halo 3 tournament shows the true intrusive intentions. You of course have to sign up for this tournament and only then will the blade appear but I'm sure many will sign up regardless and then be greeted with the large unwanted "Army Blade" when it's released. Doesn't this feel like those checks you get in the mail for $4.99 that automatically sign you up for an expensive monthly service when you cash them?

Merry Christmas from Microsoft and the US Army!

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ruibing3848d ago

The US Army seems to be getting more and more aggressive at recruiting all the time, especially now that they seem to air their ads on TV and gaming sites quite often. Targeting these kids and making them think war is all about glory, since when has the army been simply able to "finish the fight"?

cr33ping_death3848d ago

legion if you like the fact that TRUMAN dropped the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki....then you are on sick f*ck.

BIGBAER3848d ago

"...if you like the fact that TRUMAN dropped the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki....then you are on sick f*ck."

No one I know LIKES what happened to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They "like" what happened to Pearl Harbor even less....

BUT!--they do like the results of the tragic Nagasaki/Hiroshima action: the ending of a bloody and ruthless war in the Pacific Rim that was initiated by the Imperialistic Japanese.

Bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima saved far more lives, both Japanese and American, that would have been lost had the U.S. Armed Forces been forced to make a land assault upon Japanese soil in order to end the war.

If YOU wish to ignore the reasons and deny the fault of the assualt, or wish for more dead Japanese and Americans then YOU are one SICK F*CK!

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razer3848d ago


MS you better check yo'self before the people paying $50 a year start to turn on you because you are using this more as a marketing gateway than a game machine.. You are walking that thin line ever so carefully but you seem to continue to be more and more blatant.

Rhezin3848d ago

ya seriously come on, your not gonna be fighting people with energy shields. one or two shots in the right places, that's it buddy, your toast.

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