What Will Square Enix Do If FFXIII-2 Is A Sales Failure?

They've wanted to make the Final Fantasy franchise more appealing to Western gamers, but they could've been sorely mistaken. What happens if FFXIII-2 falls short?

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PshycoNinja2412d ago

Then they will have to bet all their marbles on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. They have not churned out one good HD console game this gen. If Final Fantasy XIII-2 bombs in the west too than their last opportunity to strike gold this gen will be Versus XIII. They will have to throw all their marketing money into Versus XIII... at least I hope so. At least as much as XIII-2 is being marketed.

Tenkay232412d ago

Agreed. If it bombs, they will take all their development staff and work on versus XIII. Then they will all work hard in using that photorealistic engine they developed and use it for Final Fantasy XV for next-gen consoles.

manman62412d ago

If XIII fails, then they would have to relied on Versus.

D3mons0ul2412d ago

I hope they don't cancel Versus if XIII-2 fails. Wada is crazy and probably jealous enough to do that. He wouldn't want to admit he was wrong and Nomura was right. He might just have to hand the company over to him and step down. Toriyama is a big thorn in the company's side too.

Bundi2412d ago

If retardation couple be explained in a paragraph it would be the nonsense you just spewed

vuzuki2412d ago

I'm not sure Nomura (or anyone) would like to become Square's CEO right now : mo' money but way mo' problems

D3mons0ul2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

How is it nonsense?

Do you know anything about Versus XIII or why it even exists or was named that?

Nomura didn't agree with the direction FFXIII was going. There is a rift between him and Wada, dumbass.

FFXIII-2 failing would just further prove that he was right and Wada might not be able to deal with that. He'd be the type to try and save face, which would be ordering something drastic.

Think before you respond to me, asshole.

TurretKiller2412d ago

They will hopefully learn that they are an iggnorant bunch and will get the wake up call they truley deserve.

Listen to your fanbase Square for once instead of thinking you guys can fix can't, you've prooved that a number of countless times

GraveLord2412d ago

Here we go again. Let's all ride the Square Enix hate train!

h311rais3r2412d ago

How is it a hate train? Their games r doing poorly.

stonecold32412d ago

final fanatsy vs 13 will sell more than ff13xiii2 in japan i think its time to for square to show us more info on ffvs 13 and its time for a released date annoucment

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