PlayStation Vita 3G prices (UK)

I went to the Vodafone shop and asked about the prices of the 3G, they were pretty expensive so I have done some research for my fellow UK'ers.

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blaaah2001d ago

15 pounds a month for only 2 f**king gb?! Too f**king expensive!!

Colwyn2001d ago

It wasn't confirmed by Sony

Thecraft19892001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Its not up to Sony its up to the provider.

Mobile DATA is expensive here in the UK there is not going to be exceptions here.

jdfoster2001d ago

Don't forget you can choose which provider you want...

Also nothing has been officially confirmed yet so i wouldn't take these as de-finites...

norman292001d ago

You pay £15 for 2gb a month with mobile broadband, im guessing thats where there getting this from and just speculating as already said its not been confirmed by Sony

user8586212001d ago

See how long before sony ditch the 3G version like the plague

tarbis2001d ago

far longer before you even get another bub.

Resistance_lord2001d ago

Internet Caps Are a path to the Dark side :(

a_bro2001d ago

why 3g vita wont be successful.

tigertron2001d ago

I doubt many will buy the 3G version. I'm not saying just because I'm not buying it no one will, but in this economic situation and these expensive tariffs, the majority will go for the Wi-fi only version like myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.