2011's Best Snow Levels

As GamerZines continues to go Christmas crazy, they take a look back at some of this year's best snow levels.

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fei-hung2335d ago

I think KZ3 made the most of snow. Settled, unsettled, falling, blowing in the wind and the way it flew when shooting it.

mayberry2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I love the snow in killzone 3 also! esp. during the storm levels where it picks up then subsides a little!
Also when a grenade pops snow all in your face and you cant see till it subsides! Too cool!
It makes the game more intense and virtual!

fei-hung2335d ago

If only they let you pee in the snow and write your name!

Totally agree though, snow in KZ3 was done beautifully and it was not just there for the visual gratification but also played its part for the gameplay!

r212335d ago

woot! killzone 3 :D damn, the snow levels on that game was freaking amazing!

Sugreev20012335d ago

Yeah,the Snow levels were the best after the Jungle ones.