Spike TV Announces 2007 'Video Game Awards' Winners

CNN - December 08, 2007:

Winners were announced tonight for Spike TV's 5th annual "Video Game Awards," the preeminent celebration of achievement in the gaming world. The night's most prestigious honors were bestowed upon 2K Games' BioShock, as it took home awards for Game of the Year, Best Xbox 360 Game and Best Original Score. Two of the industry's most anticipated releases, Microsoft Game Studios' Halo 3 and MTV Games' Rock Band, garnered two awards each. A full list of winners can be found in the article.

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MK_Red3873d ago

BioShock rules!! Glad to see BioShock win GOTY and some other awards. Well deserved. Nice find.

Zhuk3873d ago

Bioshock found great success and acclaim on the Xbox 360 and was a genre-defining experience.

Hopefully we'll see Fallout 3 win next year!

MK_Red3873d ago

I have to instantly, completely, perfectly, seriously, honestly and fully agree with you on hoping for Fallout 3 to win.

I also agree 100% with you about BioShock. An instant classic.

mesh13873d ago

best game ive played this year IS bioshock then cod4+mass effect are tied 2nd then halo 3

Prismo_Fillusion3873d ago

Please don't talk about Fallout 3.


I get too excited. ;(

MK_Red3873d ago

Same here :)
I can barely wait for 2008 to see the first footage from the game let alone wait until Q4 and game's release date.

3873d ago
CyberSentinel3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )


I guess this list proves lemmings are always wrong.

Blind Lemmings, Recognize.

MADGameR3872d ago

Crysis is the GOTY. That is the answer!

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cloud360-7th_account3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Best handheld game is FF Tactics

solidt123873d ago


Pick another game. Phantom Hourglass only gets played by Zelda fans and most of them I heard wasn't impressed.

Zhuk3873d ago

The Xbox 360 proves that it has the greatest lineup in history these holiday with so many awards given to its AAA titles at the Spike TV VGA awards.

The PS3 only won 'best PS3 game' that is like the 'special' award you give to the retard on your team who can't play

AngryTypingGuy3873d ago

It was definitely the 360's year, that's for sure. Let's hope they go two in a row.

tony3873d ago

not to contradict, but the ps3 has call of duty 4 too.

ShiftyLookingCow3873d ago

you should have tried a little bit harder, you got only one more ignore :(

n_n3873d ago

Zhuk... or anyone who actually thinks each award on that show means anything... lmao... you guys must be 12 yr old pimply obese losers with no lives

AngryTypingGuy3872d ago

@zer0one - if PS3 had dominated this year instead of the 360, then you wouldn't be saying that. But in a way you're right, it's just a dopey awards show. The people who present the awards on any show don't speak for the public. Unless it's the People's Choice Awards, that is.

The awards do carry some merit, however. Not just any game wins them. Bioshock was a heavy hitter and deserved to win, as did several others.

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FirstknighT3873d ago

Best multiplayer experince: HALO 3!!!!


BIGBAER3872d ago

It will be played for years, long after the others are forgotten.

Halo 3 Players Online: 198,317
Unique Players (Last 24 Hours): 934,522
Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours): 2,628,671
UNSC Campaign Kill Count: 3,848,472,682

lawman11083872d ago

Almost 1 Million people are playing it on the 360 where only 400 thousand are playing on the PS3