DailyGame Gives Undertow 8.9/10

DailyGame writes, "Chair Entertainment comes out of nowhere to bring us one of the most surprisingly fun Xbox Live Arcade games we've played this year. Undertow mixes all the great elements of a dual analog stick shooter (like Geometry Wars), but throws your character in the depths of the ocean as you set out to protect your base and take over the enemy team's control points."

"For an Xbox Live Arcade game, Undertow has surprised us on all fronts. From it's simple but tight gameplay to the wow factor of the graphics that the Unreal Engine is known to make possible. While the gameplay is easy, we found the level of difficulty to be perfectly balanced and the vehicle upgrades to be a welcome addition to the standard shooter. We enjoyed the single-player campaign, but there's nothing like a 16 player team death match. We can safely say that Chair Entertainment has a hit on its hands and we can only hope they continue to break new ground with future releases."

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