SWTOR Waiting Room, Queue, Subscription Problems

Everyone, including the folks over at GameZone is having problems with adding their SWTOR subscription. Bioware's Twitter and Facebook aims to help those with subscription problems.

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Riggans422376d ago

This is just messy right now. They gotta get this solved pronto because it's making them look really bad.

DemonStration2375d ago

If they get it sorted out everyone will forget. BF3 anyone?

xyxzor2375d ago

Rather just wait for it to go free-to-play.

Panthers2375d ago

Dont expect that with this game. Its truely amazing in the realm of MMORPGs. It just launched and its been surprisingly smooth, relatively speaking of course.

gigreen2375d ago

Probably won't happen.

"George Lucas" and "free" just don't go well together.

Trenta272375d ago

Everyone just needs to give it a chance. WoW had horrible launch problems. Does anyone remember that? WoW has also been out for years, giving it time to grow and fix any problems it might have. SWTOR is just starting. Give it a freakin break.

Panthers2375d ago

This is the smoothest MMO launch Ive ever seen. I log on and play every day with little to no trouble.

Trenta272375d ago

Same here. It's wonderful. My server (Prophecy of the five) seems to be the worst in terms of a que, but even then its not that long at all. I love this game.

KeiserSosay47882375d ago

While it is unfortunate for those few that have had problems, I've been lucky enough to not even have the game freeze on me. I'm loving this game.

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