President Obama picks up Just Dance 3 as last minute holiday gift

President Obama headed out to his local Best Buy today and picked up a copy of Ubisoft’s Just Dance 3.

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Titanz2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

From the President of the United States?


MsclMexican2547d ago

lol agreed.

They should put on Just Dance 3.... OBAMA BOUGHT THIS GAME

firefoxprime2547d ago

Ultimate Endorsment.

Oprah who???


jony_dols2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Doesn't Obama not have bodyguards or personnel to do this sort of stuff. Why would he run such a random errand in person?

Is Obama on Ninty's payroll?

ThanatosDMC2546d ago

No, apparently he's a father. He even goes to Denny's.

trancefreak2546d ago

Because he has chuck Norris as is his bodyguard. Hes cool.

Fylus2546d ago

Watch some guy get REALLY sick of dumb Chuck Norris jokes, so he literally assassinates him. Where will your Chuck Norris jokes be when that happens?

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GribbleGrunger2547d ago

oh my God! Nintendo must have paid a fortune for that

Laxman2547d ago

No way, Obama just loves to dance.

GribbleGrunger2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

LOLOL!!!!! 5 disagrees... for a joke

and you get 4 agrees because you saw the joke but those that disagreed with me didn't. CLASSIC N4G. bubble for you

Deputydon2546d ago

He might love to dance, but he's pretty terrible at it.

SilentNegotiator2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

He's going to be disappointed if he played 2....

And after all of his stupid "Stop playin' games so you can make a change an' vote for me durrr hurr!" campaign. And in-game ads.

That sorta contradicts, doesn't it?
Wait a minute...
"We cannot impose a military solution on what has effectively become a civil war"
> Iraq > Lybia
"I will remove one or two brigades a month, and get all of our combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months"
> Didn't begin immediately (the sort of unrealistic, over-promise that got him elected over similar candidates, if you ask me)
> didn't meet deadline by several, several months
Eliminate Earmarks
> See "Obamacare" and "stimulus" bill for hundreds of examples.

....well someone is just an absolute bag of contradictions. He reminds me SOOOO much of a certain president we had recently that started off attacking the last president for wars, debt, not enough jobs, etc. Sigh......we need a rEVOLution.

dantesparda2546d ago

Wow! none of that made any sense. I feel dumber for having had read any of me, i've gone retarded. You're a fricking nut!

DragonKnight2546d ago

Really? Because it makes perfect sense. Obama has publicly denounced gaming as this major problem facing youths today and the reason their education suffers, but then he goes out and buys Just Dance. SilentNegotiator then listed other instances in which Obama showed he's a liar and a hypocrite, and you don't understand that?

Yes We Can right?

JsonHenry2546d ago

@Silent - Don't forget he signed the NDAA bill, did not move to try and repeal the "patriot" act (and signed its extension), and did not close down Gitmo. That is just the start of the list for me.

But you did a good job explaining how the Nobel Peace prize winner not only didn't end the current occupations but also expanded the war into Libya and is now harassing Iran.

raWfodog2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )


His stance on gaming was not that kids shouldn't do it at all but rather they should not spend hours and hours of their days just sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. Too many hours of anything is not good. Everything needs to be in moderation.

Biggest2546d ago

"But you did a good job explaining how the Nobel Peace prize winner not only didn't end the current occupations but also expanded the war into Libya and is now harassing Iran."

Which is it? He "leads from behind while letting the UN take on Libya" or he started a war (that is already over. WOW!) in Libya? Iran, who promises to wipe our ally off the map and promises to defeat America, should be left alone to their own devices. Just wait until everyone is dead to do something. Mind you, we have done nothing militarily yet. While we're at it, let us all turn a blind eye to Syria. The Nobel Peace Prize means sit on your hands while the world around you takes a massive dump on peace. Just make sure you do absolutely nothing. Obama haters need to find better things to hate.

Just Dance 3, anyone? ^^

kaveti66162546d ago

Just Dance is not a typical game. He was probably referring to games like World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, why players spend many hours on at a time.

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ATi_Elite2546d ago

Don't forget he also has The Witcher 2!

I'm sure just dance is for Sasha and Melia.....or VP Joe Biden!


Thatguy-3102546d ago

Obama should focus more on finding a solution to the problems that the US has in oppose to advertising a video game. -_-

death2smoochie2546d ago

The amount of fixing or solution finding the US needs right now won't hinge on the fact that he goes out and buys a video game and it's publicly shown. Good god people.

hazardman2546d ago

Well he can try and find a solution after Christmas.. you bah humbug fool!

raWfodog2546d ago

Now he's 'advertising' the video game? It looked to me like he was just buying and someone stuck a camera all up in his business.

aftrdark212546d ago

Wow so as a father he can't buy his kids a gift they wanted for Christmas??? Wow...

Graey2546d ago he should just I don't know stay at home until the American people's problems are all solved.

So you're saying he is not allowed to have Christmas or buy presents for anyone.

Huh....please tell me you are joking.

To those that agreed, really. You're going to agree with this statement.


SITH2546d ago

You do realize Obama fills only on branch of government? He is not THE government of the united states. And no president can do virtually anything with a do nothing congress which has an approval rating in the single digits.


It's narrow minded people like you and many others that make the world go so wrong. From your point of view the president is not human and should never be viewed as a man just shopping for his kids. He should never get a break or a vacation. He should be able to fix everything even though no one will help him fix things or simply go against him just because they don't like him. What good is a solution if no one wants to help fix the problem. In other words, what good is kobe without the rest of the lakers. Some of yall need some serious mental help.

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ronin4life2546d ago

Yep, and thanks to the media coverage it probably isn't a suprise christmas gift... if it was ever meant to be.

Biggest2546d ago

LOL! Thanks media. Now the kids know that Santa isn't real. Jerks!

MakiManPR2546d ago

No, Santa does exists. Its the President of US in disguise.

adorie2546d ago

I don't care. he's set to sign NDAA soon. I don't care what system he buys the game for, he's scum.

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DonaldBeck2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

its a great game.

xCaptainAmazing2547d ago

Even though it's so played, I laugh super hard every time I see your picture in a post.

egidem2546d ago

For some weird reason, your display pic just annoys the hell out of me.

Oldman1002547d ago

I found this story to be very interesting and enlightening. I have absolutely no regrets reading it.

FPSRUSSIA2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

at least its not call of duty

Majin-vegeta2547d ago

Hmm wonder if he would act like this online xDD.

metsgaming2547d ago

fox news would go nuts if he bought call of duty just imagine what they could insinuate.

Tuxedo_Mask2547d ago

That he has bad taste in games?

vickers5002546d ago

Fox news -

BREAKING: OBAMA RUTHLESSLY SLAUGHTERS 250 innocent civilians... *tiny font* in call of duty */tiny font*

Legionaire20052546d ago

Should they even go nuts on the fact that he has Witcher 2? Its violences and nudity!!! lol!!!

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dredgewalker2546d ago

We can also hope that he has a PS3 and buys Skyrim......I wanna see him demand a decent patch for that game!

Strikepackage Bravo2547d ago

Publicity stunt, the president does not have to go out and buy his own gifts, and now that this is all over the media, wouldn't that ruin the "surprise for his daughters".

What about his wife, is he buying nothing for her? This is so fake, but im not sure how he thinks this will make people like and thus vote for him. But I could be wrong, maybe his advisers were right to tell him to do this, it seems to be making you people all giddy and happy.

brettyd2547d ago

your looking way way way to far into this, relax...

E2S2547d ago

calm down Alex Jones

radphil2547d ago

@Strikepackage Bravo

You got all that from "Buying Just Dance 3"?....

TopDudeMan2547d ago

No, he clicked ahead and actually read the story, as crazy as that might sound...

radphil2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )


You get what I meant.

I'm stating he's JUST AS BAD as the people praising the situation.

I mean for crying out loud, some of us knew what he owned years ago, and yet people on here are being "surprised"?

wsoutlaw872547d ago

its good for votes to show your human and get out once and a while and shop for christmas just like everyone else

Si-Fly2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

The stupidness of Yanks never ceases to amaze me! You guys really view this as "aww, how cute, they snapped him doing a bit of Xmas shopping..." seriously?!!! It's just a publicity stunt but you guys lap it up!!!

I love being a cynical Brit, if we saw Cameron doing this kinda shit we'd call it for exactly what it is, nausea inducing PR.

hazardman2546d ago

@Si-Fly, as an Brit your opinion doesn't matter here in America! You need to worry about what dress Kate's wearing or who got knighted today. Sir Si-Fly! Lmao!!

LettingGo2546d ago

No. The stupidness (not a word, by the way) of Brits never ceases to amaze ME! We aren't all like that. In fact, most of us call BS on stuff like this. We know this is a PR stunt. We groan and whine about how poorly he's done as a president. We are intelligent. Some of us...

Alright. You got me. Most Americans are morons. Please don't lump us all in there though. :/

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