EA Casual and the Problem with Reviews

"I get less concerned about game reviews because the casual gamers don't read any of those things," EA Casual president Kathy Vrabeck tells Next-Gen.

"They're not swayed by a low score on IGN or a low score out of one of these gaming sites," she continues. "It's a little bit amusing, in that it's people reviewing games against measures that are important to core gamers yet are not important to casual gamers."

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ItsDubC3852d ago

Wow, at 1st I was gonna report for having the wrong pic but that's simply an old pic of her.

MrSwede3852d ago

Yeah I know, hardly believed it myself when I googled :)

desolationstorm3852d ago

So thats why they are going after casuals so much? Dirty trick ea dirty dirty dirty. Well we dont want to work to hard on a game. I know lets make games for people that dont really know anything about the industry that way that wont know its crap.

I am still sorta excited to see how Army of Two turns out but Im not exactly crossing my fingers, especially since I saw an impression where the guy basicly says good thing it got delayed.

Though I do feel like ea has tried a bit more with generation I dont really know. With system and game updates anymore doesnt seem like they work to hard on the intial product. I dont want to be a beta tester EA just because I bought your product.

Side note my friend had madden 08 for 360 and was so mad because everytime he turned on the game he would have to select his favorite team. I know not a big thing but how hard is it to realize its in the game? All you have to do is select the team then the next time you turn it on you would be like oh well heres a problem the favortie team doesnt save.

eddierivera3851d ago

What EA doesnt realize is that casual gamers are soon to be core gamers,,, We are in a period when video games are becoming more than just a hobby,, its a way of life,,, I for one am sickend at the fact EA doesnt care about the people who made them who they are. If it wasnt for us core gamers, there wouldnt be an EA. Also, core gamers and casual gamers talk. I am now going to start letting everyone i know about EA and how they dont care about making quality games cause they only care about casual gamers that dont know the differance. I for one noticed on the gameplay videos for Army of 2 how clumsily it was made. Now i know why. But its cool,, This article is going to be the reason why EA goes down the drain,, im so happy that Fat b**ch showed EA's true colors,,, watch,,, pretty soon EA will be suffering more than they already are,,, Id spit on them if i could. Thank god for activision.