Kindle Fire Sales May Be As High As 2M So Far, Says Analyst

Kindle Fire will definitely sell like hot cakes. The question is will they take a substantial portion of Apple's market share?

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Mike_Tha_Hero1872d ago

Ah, so anything that can play Angry Birds is a gaming platform now. Noted.

Navick1872d ago

I would have to say yes it is a gaming platform but no it is not a "dedicated" gaming platform.

SandWitch1872d ago

What the heck does it have to do with PS Vita and PSP?

tiffac0081872d ago

Nothing the article was just approved without checking for bad editing.

Menchi1872d ago

It's becoming pathetic. Anything that can play a simple flash game, or shallow pointless app, is suddenly a "gaming handheld" rather than a device that can play simple games.

There is a clear distinction, and it really needs to be made. Look at the actual gaming handhelds, yes, they may have features outside of their core scope, but they don't pretend to be anything other than gaming handhelds with some additional features.

It is ridiculous.

josephayal1872d ago

Bad news for sony and nintendo

Bolts1872d ago

Amazon's tablet is a step back for Android regardless of how many units it sold. The damn thing is under powered, uses an outdated version of the OS and funnel its users into a closed ecosystem that goes against Android open market system.

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