Skyrim: The Adventures of Strongfury – Part Three


Morndas 31st of Last Seed, 4E 201

An old woman has died by my hand, a woman who ran an orphanage. I did it because a child begged it of me, telling me stories of abuse. I did not set out to do it, imagining the child exaggerating his plight but I went to the orphanage and saw the child was right. The children were fed only once a day, mocked, ridiculed and hurt. There is no telling how much pain this woman caused to these children and they called her Grelod the Kind,out of some dark humour. I waited until darkness and struck then, leaving little trace of the deed. I returned to the child and told him the task was complete. He thanked me and then thanked the Dark Brotherhood. He believes I am one of them.

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