GameSpot Guide to Modding Skyrim

Gamespot writes: "Do you play Skyrim on PC? If so, you should know about a fanatical force that operates in a certain sector of the Internet. They call themselves modders, and their reputation precedes them. Bethesda’s games have been havens for modders for years; many PC players firmly believe that the best elements of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games are produced by the modding community. Just take a look at the mods available for Oblivion; graphical tweaks make this five year old game look like it’s running on next-gen tech, and quest mods add entirely new stories and characters to the world. Even fantasy author Terry Pratchett has written dialogue for an Oblivion mod."

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jthamind2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

the modders have already made Skyrim a better game than it was when it shipped.

so far, i have:

No More Blocky Faces
Detailed Faces
High Quality Eyes
No More Ugly Elves (or something like that, icr exactly what it's called)
Enhanced Blood

i also had Large Address Aware, which allowed the game to use more than 2gb of RAM, but the patch yesterday screwed that up for everybody by changing the TESV.exe file.

bobrea2432d ago

You should have made a backup of the original .exe file for the game to use for whenever patches are made. I'm pretty sure that was in the instructions for the mod. So when the game gets patched, delete the altered exe file, throw in a copy of the original and then set that one to use >2gb of ram. I did that yesterday after the patch but I didn't play the game to see if it caused any problems.

jthamind2432d ago

you're right, i should have, but i didn't even think of doing it (still kinda new to PC gaming/modding). there's a new mod, though, called Skyrim 4GB which lets the game use more than 2GB. apparently it's a modified version of the Fallout: New Vegas one. i'm using it now.