New 2K Studio Formed By Ex-BioShock Devs?

Kotaku writes: "The Shacknews crew dug up employment listings from Gamasutra's job board that point to a new development studio being established in Bay Area of northern California by "creators of the award-winning 'Bioshock'." While that listing has since changed to exclude the BioShock reference, it jibes with a posting from the seemingly well informed Surfer Girl of blog Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars".

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ElementX3436d ago

Isn't this just the Surfer Girl bs?

snoop_dizzle3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

actually this isn't. at least from what it appears. Before there was a rumor from surfer girl or something, but this appears to be a confirmation of some sort, possibly at least.

Charlie26883436d ago

The question is...Ex-BioShock Devs? or...ex-Irrational Games Devs?

Its tricky one think about it >.>

MK_Red3436d ago

Not really good news. Still, I wish them the best and hopr they make great games.