Head2Head: Saints Row: The Third Analysis

Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a ride through Steelport to show you the differences between Volition’s Saints Row: The Third on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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DonaldBeck2437d ago

When you look at the overall package as a whole, the PS3 version is the one to buy without a doubt.

i would buy the ps3 version just for the free copy of saints row in the ps3 version alone.

Enmson2437d ago

Lol at the comments in there they say that the game is not good anyway.
Saints row 3 is a good game

DonaldBeck2437d ago

exactly, i never bought a saints row game in my life, but the third looks fantastic! i love the goofy humor than gta 4 did not provide for me. and it looks so fun! i love the customization!

Venjense2437d ago

If this was Digital Foundry it would be a tie because they'd think the slight PS3 blur would be too much to handle.

Joe Bomb2437d ago

Holy Xbox 360 screen tearing! PS3 is no doubt the winner.

DlocDaBudSmoka2437d ago

just bought this last night. after reading about how much fun it was. i never played SR2 so that was an incentive for me to get this, since i get that one free.

the great thing for me tho, is when im done with 3 i can leave 2 on the ps3 for the kids to play and not worry about the disc.

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