I Would Rather Be Applauded Than ‘Achieve’

Kotaku: "Some time ago I realized I did not have a certain common video game fever. I didn't care about one of the most popular elements of modern video games: the Achievement.

Our last half-decade has seen Achievements swell in popularity, first on the Xbox 360, then on the PlayStation 3, the iPhone and beyond. Rivaling motion control, they have been video game's most popular 21st-century idea, growing from mere Microsoft-made bragging rights system to the life-improving badge scheme fueling the zeal for "gamifying" the world.

Achievements long ago left me cold, before I discovered a better fantasy of my own.

After experiencing a game that played sounds of applause for me when I did well, I decided that's a more gratifying way for a game to recognize me as a player than any Twitter-length alert of Achievement that drops a few points onto a virtual bragging board. But I never was into Achievements. Allow me, for a moment, to explain why I was ready for something new."

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jthamind2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

the biggest problem i have with achievements and trophies is that a lot of devs make them way too easy, or just flat out silly sometimes. to me, looking at somebody's achievement or trophy list should be like looking at an arcade high score back in the old days--you knew the person was great at the game and earned their top spot. i think achieves/trophies should either test the gamer's skill, like NG2 or SFIV, or test their dedication and resolve, like Star Ocean or Wipeout HD.

i understand not all games are exceedingly difficult or time consuming, so it would be hard to give them very achieves/trophies, but would be nice to be able to look at somebody's list of games and know they actually earned theirs.

jXales2434d ago

When plaing games now and i unlock an achievement and get the pop up, it's very very Meh!.

Don't even bother looking what achievement i unlocked. because it's pretty much crap that is inevitable achieving while playing through the game.

50 kills with a certain weapon. No crap.. wow what a breakthrough, i killed people with the most used weapon in the game.

Achievement finished act 15. Yeah no Duh, how else am i supposed to progress through the game.

I don't feel like i achieve anything often.
I recall when playing CS and i finish off the opposing team and at the start of next round some random pubber types N1. That made me feel good. Thats an achievement.

Or MGS completing level without sounding alarm. something that takes skill and time achieving.