Why You Should Play Modern Warfare 3 Instead of Battlefield 3

While many high-quality releases have come out over the past few weeks, no other games have captured more attention than Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Find out why Modern Warfare 3 could be considered to be the better option of the 2.

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hennessey862465d ago

should play just one, they both have a lot to offer and both do it in there own way.

fluffydelusions2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

This. I have both and switch between them. Play what you enjoy.

papashango2465d ago

Tell that to the people who rejected games like skyrim to get mw3 because they're friends were getting it.

Only to see said person popping up on steam playing old random games every few minutes the day of skyrim. I lold at him for not listening to me and he didn't even try to defend himself.

RedDead2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Rather blops than MW3. It's still relatively new.

MW3 is much worse BX. The maps, the quickscoping...load of shi*.

BXbomber2465d ago

blops is a disgusting game how can u prefer it to mw3?

Tanir2465d ago

omg the maps are sooooooo bad, not one memorable map like highrise, over grown, estate etc. they all feel the same, each and every one. you can tell the normal infinity ward didn't make this game, it feels like they had a level editor like forge and they made their own levels using premade skins, items, and such. some levels are just fusions of 3 old levels and such.

the game is so bad and over hyped. the new infinity ward didn't even try this time

StanLee2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

@ BXbomber

Because it's better. Better balanced, better paced, better maps and more competitive. Yes, the guns and killstreaks aren't as exciting and it isn't as noob accessible with no point streaks and support strike packages but it's better. Already Modern Warfare 3 is being exploited. I got shot from under the map on Outpost and in another game on the same map teammates spent the whole match trying to glitch under the map! IW are just lazy, same retread of MW2 exploits and all!

Kaneda2465d ago

I played MW 5 years ago.. :) no point playing it again..

WetN00dle692465d ago

Nah im good. After trying out MW3 MP. Im glad i bought BF3.
I feel bad for those that actually used BF3 as trade in credit to buy MW3.

lifesanrpg2465d ago

trollolol flamebait.

Honestly, why play just one? And secondly, why should I listen to "Why You Should Play Modern Warfare 3 Instead of Battlefield 3"

fluffydelusions2465d ago

Because said so? :)

BeaArthur2465d ago

I played MW3 two years ago when it was called MW2.

Games4M - Rob2465d ago

I played it back when it was called Quake.

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The story is too old to be commented.