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Frostbite 2 is a "class-leading" engine, "really easy to work with" - Need for Speed dev

OXM UK: "For months, EA has been pitching Battlefield 3 as a Modern Warfare killer, an aspiration reviews and sales figures have punctured none-too-gently. Beating Call of Duty was only one of the publisher's objectives with Battlefield 3, however; the other was to establish the Frostbite 2 engine as an in-house middleware platform, readily adapted to a range of game types. Does EA an Unreal Engine style success on its hands? According to Need for Speed: The Run producer Alex Grimbley, the answer's yes." (Need For Speed: The Run, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

chak_  +   1011d ago
DICE said it was too hard for modders so we don't get modtools.

Oh well...
LightofDarkness  +   1011d ago
More like it would be too easy for modders to create content and thus extend the longevity of the game by offering free user-generated content, which is notoriously difficult to charge gamers for or tax.
Crazyglues  +   1011d ago
@ LightofDarkness

Yes, What he just said.../\/\/\

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Truth  +   1011d ago
Apparently it was so easy to use that they forgot to make the single player campaign longer than most movies. Ba-zing!
PetitPiPi  +   1011d ago
I know. Even on hard the game was quick and easy.
rattletop  +   1011d ago
i think the lighting system needs to be tweaked a little. most of the time the glow looks like a long stick..wtf? imo crysis 2 had a better lighting system. but the rest of the features r really good.
krisq  +   1011d ago
The question is
will it be available for licensing or is EA gonna keep it to themselves?
Crazyglues  +   1011d ago
Most likely this will be in-house only, I mean if they locked up the Porsche licensing so that no one else could use a Porsche in there games ( like GT5 for example-not being able to use Porsche because of this)

Then it's clear they are not going to let other companies use their tech to make games. EA is stingy like that with their toys... LoL

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Yangus  +   1011d ago
Class-leading engine?
Only marketing........
undercovrr  +   1011d ago
have you SEEN Battlefield 3? If you haven't then you're excused, but if you have then you're a fool
Yangus  +   1011d ago
Yes seen,and what?
Cool,but class-leading engine?No.
demon31  +   1011d ago
class-leading engine?? I don't think so but is one of the good looking one in the industry, it could be a class leading engine if they release modtools to the people

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