GTA V Trailer Remade Using GTA IV Engine Shows Graphical Evolution

Grand Theft Auto V’s trailer has been talk of the Internet for a few weeks now, following its debut on November 2nd.

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psb2352d ago

is it just me or GTA IV looks like s**t compared to this?? Really nice to see Rockstar coming this far with V, and this must be pre-alpha build or something, so expect it to get better and better

Shaman2352d ago

Now thats how you update your engine!

cyborg2352d ago

would be a good eg of how NOT to update ur engine

S_C2352d ago

Why did you bring MW3 into a GTA article, trolling much

rezzah2352d ago


That wouldn't make sense even if you are trolling because they never update their engine at all.

egidem2352d ago

Definitely differently looking. Well thank Rockstar for enabling mods on GTA IV PC version because that game is good, its PC port is horribly optimized.

r1sh122352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Its not just you, but you should also remember that GTA IV in its time was a good looking game.
I just played BF3/MW3 and tried to play GTA with friends but it looks soo bad now.
Even comparing GTA IV with RDR theres a pretty big difference.

@cyborg lol

Hanif-8762352d ago

Even my 2 year old son could tell that GTA V looks a million times better. However, Rockstar needs to make the PS3 version runs @ 720p native with MLAA and i'm set. With that said GTA IV looks like a blurry mess on the PS3, nevertheless, its still my favorite game this generation, even after all the other triple A games that came out. I've been waiting for GTA V ever since completed GTA IV 4 years ago.

llMurcielagoll2352d ago

Indeed! I couldn't believe that was actually GTA IV! and speaking of CoD,

I really really hope that their next CoD will absolutely sell 0 copies when it released. Ofc that wont happen but if it does, an UBER b**ch slap to CoD dev!

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Yodagamer2352d ago

it looks good, but i dont think they ever said if the trailer was real time though

Shaman2352d ago

It is real time 100%. Definitely. R* is the ONLY company that NEVER puts out bullshots, pre rendered trailers of PC trailers maxed out. Check GTA IV trailers and screens and check RDR too. Actually, MP3 also had real time trailer and real 720p screenshots, just like GTA V trailer. B3D confirmed it is 720p with some kind of post processing AA.

il-mouzer2352d ago

Did Rockstar confirm the trailer was all in-game footage?

news4geeks2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

what? they just remade it unrealistically bad looking...

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The story is too old to be commented.