Modern Warfare 3: Why The Hate?

Default Prime writer Kyree Leary talks about what he thinks of all the hatred towards the Call of Duty series. To him, the huge amount of hostility isn't completely justified.

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Rowland2352d ago

... perhaps because even the kids are getting tired & bored of being inundated with war/shooting games ?

(try Skyrim)

S_C2352d ago

Speak for yourself i think MW3 is the second best COD theres been, with COD 4 still #1. Skyrim looks THE most boring game ive every set my eyes on, gameplay looks enough to put people to sleep...No thanks

3GenGames2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Lol, and when COD# comes out next time around, I'm sure that'll be #2 until the next one...not that it matters. COD4 is the standard for a GOOD Call of Duty. It'll never be better than COD4 unless they do away with killstreaks or make them exactly like COD4. That won't happen, the hipsters would cry foul and ditch the game. Can't have that, they're 90% of the sales!

And Skyrim look great for an Adventure/RPG-like game. Your taste in games isn't up to quality of other genres yet. If it isn't FPS, sure you'll think it's not good, bwhaha! I'm sure Conkers Bad Fur Day and Banjo-Tooie are bad games too, right? -eyeroll-

dinkeldinkse2352d ago

"i think MW3 is the second best COD theres been", that's not saying anything good about it. Being the second best turd doesn't make it less of a turd.

BXbomber2352d ago

I agree 100% with u, MW3 is the best in the COD series IMO. skyrim i will never understand the hype behind that game.

Stevo912352d ago

Everyone complains about how boring it is and its the same game, but year after year they break records for selling the most games. I wish they would change the game abit to stop it from being the same old game, but the thing is if it selling better and better every year I dont see why they would..

gorebago2352d ago

i agree with u about mw3 but skyrim looks amazing and appears to offer plenty of opps to pretty much provide everything i want from it. i can't even imagine it being boring but then again i respect your viewpoint

TooTall192352d ago

It's even better than 4 imo. It took me by surprise. I didn't consider myself a CoD fan until now.

Shackdaddy8362352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Maybe if you started playing CoD at 4. But for me, it goes:


Definitely not the worst but definitely not the best IMO.

And Skyrim looks amazing! If you think it looks boring then you need to take more meds for your ADD.

Rowland2352d ago

there's clearly a split opinion here as the article alludes to ('Modern Warfare 3: Why The Hate?') so I'm obviously not speaking for myself at all, merely suggesting why there is growing discontent for war/shooting games in general.

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RyuCloudStrife2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

is the best cod yet

haters will hate http://www.hatersgoingtohat...

metacritic proves it

TheFallenAngel2352d ago

Agreed, survival mode is so much fun and regular multilayer is too.

I_am_Batman2352d ago

Metacritic doesn't prove anything unless you haven't got your own opinion. When I look at best rated games GTA4 is no. 1. Is it a good game? Yeah I think so. But is it the best game I have ever played on any platform? Not even close. What I'm trying to say is that reviews are great if you know the reviewer. Let's say your friend doesn't like shooter so much and tells you that MW3 sucks. Then you know that you better try it for yourself. But to calculate an average score out of all the reviews on the net doesn't really say much for the individual gamer.

gorebago2352d ago

i like it but then again i just like about any videogame since they serve to entertain me

TheFallenAngel2352d ago

I know why do people hate MW3? Im having so much fun with this game. I bought it over Uncharted 3, the reason? I love FPS and online. Im really happy with it and I didn't like black ops even though people says its the same thing.

TooTall192352d ago

They are not the same thing though. It is an easy way of telling who has played the game and who hasn't.

TheFallenAngel2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Im saying that because most of the Uncharted 3 reviews said that every PS3 owner should buy it. I was in the uncharted 3 beta and I bought uncharted 2. The single player in uncharted 2 is one of the best ever but I only played it once. I don't like the Uncharted multiplayer so I bought MW3.

Majin-vegeta2352d ago

*I know why do people hate MW3?*

Here's one of the reasons.

1.Not to mention game looks like it's from 2007.
2.Seems more like an add on instead of a full game's rushed out the door with the same problems every year partying up,voice communication etc.

You get the idea.

iHEARTboobs2352d ago

You think IW is the only developer that recycles? If so, i'll lmao!

1. 2007? Really? Not the best graphics but certainly up to par for today's standards. But I guess you just have higher standards than me.
2. If it seems that way it's because you haven't played it and only listen to what the rest of the sheep say.
3. 2 years wasn't rushed. New campaign, multiplayer modes, maps, etc. I'm actually surprised how well it's been so far considering the whole drama IW went through at the end of production of WM2.

guitarded772352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Because it's the super cool thing to do right now... makes people feel as if they have a big e-wiener.

I think CoD MW2 was akin to when Metallica did the Black album and even your little sister was listening to them all the sudden... the next few albums from Metallica sucked and then Death Magnetic came along which was like the old stuff, just not as good or fresh... but still good. Does this make sense?

I've personally had my odds with the CoD series and went into MW3 with very low expectations... maybe that's why I'm actually enjoying the game.

buckley2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

My story is similar. I thought MW3 would be fun but wasn't expecting much, and so far it's definitely surpassed my expectations.

In a nutshell, though, you're right. If you're a "real gamer," you're supposed to hate MW3 right now. Whatever. Don't try to decide for me if I'm a "gamer" or not.

joelpk2352d ago

It's the first Call of Duty game I've just not been interested in since Call of Duty 3. It's not that it's a bad game, by any means, I've just become more interested in single player games lately.

The entire time I've been gaming this gen I've been playing competitive multiplayer; whether it be CoD or Gears or Halo.

I'm sure I'll pick MW3 up, but those days of getting frustrated at stats are long gone.

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