DIYGamer: Recursive Romhackery – I Wanna Be The Guy Source Code Released

DIYGamer: Here’s one for the developers (aspiring or otherwise) among us – If you’ve never heard of I Wanna Be The Guy, you’ve probably been living under an internet-free rock for the past few years. A landmark ‘masocore‘ game, and heavily inspired by infamous romhacks of classic 8/16-bit titles such as Kaizo Mario. As of tonight, the source-code for the game has been released along with a broadly permissive agreement on what you can do with it. In short, it’s an open invitation to fans to turn the game into a leaner, meaner, even more hilariously sadistic experience.

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f7897902588d ago

If there ever was a game that would make you cry, this is it. So many random event you have to remember paired with constant precision. I once got to the Metroid section and promptly gave up on the game. That part is already hard as Samus, nightmarish with "The Kid".