Aika's Epic II: Karena coming November 17th

Aika players have a few new treats heading their way on November 17th, as the game will be receiving a new update known as Epic II: Karena. Karena advances the game's story, providing more details on the war between Aika's nations and their enemy the Zereca. It also brings several new game features, such as the eponymous island of Karena. PvP players will find something to love as well, as the Traband's Tower Wars have been updated with a new resource system. To top it all off, the game is introducing a new PvF system. What is PvF, you ask? Player vs. Fish, of course. Players can fish up a variety of aquatic creatures and have them cooked into delicious, buff-granting dishes. To join the fun, head on over to Aika's official site.

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