Level-5 shares four lengthy Ni no Kuni gameplay videos

Gematsu: "2-minute cutscene clips? Ha! Try 8-minute gameplay videos. Level-5 released four new videos of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch tonight, showcasing a total of 22-minutes’ worth of direct-feed footage."

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Relientk772301d ago

Beautiful, epic, fantastic

Cannot wait for this game in 2012


dendenmooshi2301d ago

This can easily be GOTY for 2012. What's FFVersus13? Ni no kuni will bring back the JRPG genre that's been missing in this generation of consoles.

Myze2301d ago

Honestly, I think there is PLENTY of room for FFvsXIII and this. Really, I wish there were more than one or two good JRPGs every year for consoles, as it would make for better competition and push developers even more.

How many really good JRPGs were released on consoles in 2011? Xenoblade Chronicles is the only unanimous one, at least that I can think of (amazing game, btw).

Killzoned2301d ago

FFV13? What's that? As much as a big fan I am of the FF series, I haven't heard or thought of the game in a while that it slipped my mind.

I'd much rather play Ni no Kuni right now, the game looks so beautiful and fun! Just watching the gameplay videos makes me have that familiar feeling of the classic's and great RPG's we use to have

banjadude2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

OoOo, nice find, and thanks for the vids.

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