Possible Battlefield 3 Game Modes In The Future

BattlefieldLOG wrote - "A lot of people before the launch of Battlefield 3 and even now have been dying for a new and innovative game mode to play. Now that we know "Assault conquest" is to release soon, we still want more. "Assault conquest" was featured in past Battlefield's so maybe the best thing that DICE could do for the veteran and even new players in the Battlefield series is bring back old game modes that made previous games so great. We think that's what DICE will slowly be doing that for the next year or so after the "Assault conquest" release. So lets get started and look over some game modes that will possibly be featured in Battlefield 3's future."

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Majin-vegeta2361d ago

Hmm Titan mode sounds awesome for those who have played it would you like Dice to implement into BF3??

farhad2k82360d ago

I want a Team Defender mode like on MW3! :(
Looks so epic!! Having a good squad control that flag like a BOSS would make for some fun nights!!

Shackdaddy8362360d ago

Titan mode is awesome. Problem is it wouldn't be as epic as it was in 2142. There is no technology in 2014 that lets you launch thousands of feet in the air and land on the enemy dock.

GunofthePatriots2360d ago

bf3 needs 2 more game modes. im already getting bored of rush and conquest

Bolts2360d ago

64 player rush. Is that so hard?

alexmac2360d ago

That would be too hectic...

bumnut2360d ago

That already exists, I played it last night.

SKUD2360d ago

Though I would agree that titan mode was awesome. I'm not sure how you would implement an air ship in BF3. My hope would be a PC only sequel to battlefield 2142.

SJPFTW2360d ago

not air ship. but aircraft carriers instead

alexmac2360d ago

i WANT To see a Battlefield 2143...

latinalover2360d ago

They will put it in consoles

eak32360d ago

Id like to see the mode, cant remember name of it, where theirs 5 nodes and each team starts at ooposite ends and you have to conquer each one in order till you get to the other teams base. Its in Resistance 3