Revealing The Most Effective Strategy/Technique In Battlefield 3

We reveal what the most effective strategy in Battlefield 3 is.

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RaymondM2569d ago

Ive never been a big fan of battlefield, but this one looks incredible. I dig your strategy haha maybe I should pick this game up and try it out for myself

Tapioca Cold2569d ago

The best startegy is to not have snipers on your team. Sniping pussies have ruined Battlefield. They all came over from COD camp because of the BF3 hype. Now all the players' do is camp because they are too worried about their K/D ratio. I'm out there dying because some sissy doesn't want to help his team.

Sniping is for sissies. Groa a pair and play a team game.

For anyone who comes on here saying "I'm a sniper and I help my team", i say bullcrap. You're a sissy too. Go play COD.

Mutant-Spud2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Bad Co 2 was Bush Wookiee central, so far I haven't been overly bothered by snipers in this game. Sniping is a lot harder for one thing and you now have the suppression effect, snipers can't just sit and plink away once they've been marked and targeted.
Once I got past my early freak outs with BF:3 and started to get used to the flow of combat it's been very much the case that people are playing strategically and co-operatively.
It cuts both ways, you can all hold an area and draw the other team onto your snipers, really, I don't care about much more than winning the match, if you've got an accurate sniper, work with them, spot targets etc.
One thing that does annoy me is the way players use the choppers, could the "aces" at least drop off a few passengers on the way to the front?
Wait a few seconds before taking off then plant a few squad members on a rooftop or something, you can go and crash AFTER doing something useful, not before.
The Little Bird, for example is a great asset if it's used right.

Rob Hornecker2569d ago

Thank You Ben for your story! You have hit on the "key to success" in Battlefield3! Its to bad that alot of people that try to play BF3 by going into it with a run and gun/me me me ( I.E. CoD/Halo games come to mind) style of play and wind up at the bottom of the end of game stats list and hating the game.

Tapioca Gold, Oh don't worry about that! With CoD/MW3 coming out this week it should thin out the CoD dweebs trying to play bf3! LOL!!!

Mutant Spud, You bring up some VERY good points also! I HATE a match filled with snipers! Spawn camping doesn't take alot of skill. I also have to agree with you on the "Chopper pilots" not dropping off there riders at or near a target area. This could be due to a lack of either Piloting skills or by not talking with your squad mates.

RaymondM, If you like modern warfare games and working as a team with your squad mates ( I'm sure you have some people on your friends list that have the game ) then you would be doing yourself a injustice by not getting BF3. I'm already starting to see it going on sale.

Mutant-Spud2569d ago

I haven't explored the sniper kit in BF3 too much,I think i've got like 5 kills on it at the moment, I'm more of a support gunner or medic type of player.
What I did get into in Bad co was using the sniper kit with a shotgun and the mortar or C4, that was crazy fun.

Rob Hornecker2569d ago

I don't use the sniper kit much either. I think you have more kills with it than I do. There is another post N4G about tips for the jets/choppers and also 1 for snipers.Both are full of GREAT info!

Thanks for your reply and see you on the Battlefield! You can find my XBL G/T in my profile.