Skyrim mods desired before release date

Finding things to do while you pass time in wait of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can by easier for some people than others, while some of you will follow every rumor and leak, watching certain videos time after time, others will get to making wish lists for certain features you want after the Skyrim release date.

The latter fan can be found on Game Front, which sees the author create a wish list to pass time while they wait to download Skyrim. Mods are the topic of discussion, and they’ve created a list of what they want to see once Skyrim is released, at the same time they point to Oblivion mods and want much the same in the upcoming game.

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KonGreat2568d ago

I wish that mods could be done on the consoles. :/ Seeing as I can't afford a PC!

C_Menz2568d ago

If you read and do your homework buying a PC is can be equal to, less than, or a bit more than what you would spend during a console's lifetime. You have flexibility to design what you want and in return you don't only get a console but you get a PC that isn't just used for games.

Personally I have a ps3 and a high end PC. I buy most of my games on my PC since it is cheaper than my PS3 which I only use for games like Uncharted.

Canary2568d ago

lol, not really. Maybe if you pirate all your software, but a decent gaming PC will run a minimum of $1000--that's with rebates, with buying parts on sale, and building it yourself. No matter which console you buy today, you won't need to spend more than $400 to get ~everything~ you need. Which is about the same amount of money you'd need for a PC monitor alone.

It's really not cost-effective unless you plan on using your PC for other tasks (which most of us do, I think).

TheGameFoxJTV2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

@Canary and this is just considering that you have to buy EVERYTHING. Most people recycle hardrives, and monitors when building a new PC, but I threw it in there just for people who lack a PC at all, though I do wonder how they are on this site. and That's WAY more powerful than you need to max most games. That's a 6 core, and a 560GTX Ti. Less than 1000 btw, and a beast ass computer.

Edit: I grabbed an Intel mother board on accident, but yea, around the same price or lower for a decent AMD one.

KonGreat2567d ago

Haha yeah I know, I'm already saving up for a computer but when I buy it I want it to last for a while. So whenever the xbox 720 or whatever comes out, I'll be buying a new computer! Easy as that :)

kma2k2568d ago

i quiet honestly expected naked characters to be #1 sadly!

Canary2568d ago

Nah, it'll mostly be GUI modification and .ini tweaks. After that, basic stuff will be imported from older games (NV/F3/TES4)--meshes, textures, hair.

The sad thing is we probably STILL won't get much in the way of new hair mods. Most hair mods will be transferred from New Vegas versions, which were transferred from F3 versions, which were transferred from Oblivion versions--many of which were straight up taken from Morrowind mods.

After all that we'll get nude mods, sex mods, and quest mods written so poorly they make Bethesda's in-house writing seem like Dostoyevsky.

TheGameFoxJTV2568d ago

I doubt it, this is a new engine, it'll take people time to figure out how to import that stuff and have it look right on the new characters. It looks nice on Fallout and oblivion chars since they're on the same engine. This is not, I doubt the character skeletons and meshes are the same or similar to those.

Canary2568d ago

^--It's not a new engine, it's the same engine "modified." Bethesda has stated this several times. They have also states that they're using the same resources (types of mesh/textures/whatever) that the older games have, claiming to be doing so because that's the stuff the modders have so much experience with.

But the long and short of it is that it's not really a new engine in any sense of the word. Trust me: you'll recognize the Gamebryo as soon as you start playing.

Voxelman2568d ago

Can't wait to see what the modding comunity can do with the game.