Is Uncharted 3 a Disappointment? iNintendo Podcast Ep 8

After a seven month hiatus, Carl, Joey, and newcomer Christian return for an eigth episode of the official iNintendo podcast. The crew discusses Batman: Arkham City, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and they ponder whether or not Uncharted 3 is a disappointment.

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omi25p2599d ago

I was a little disapointed by the story. But the gameplay, graphic and everything else is great

TheBlackMask2599d ago


The story was brillaint as always, the only thing which I was dissapointed in was small things like how even though ND listens to fans to have more Sully on screen time the other characters suffered because of this. Chole felt like a waste, another great character like Charlie wasn't used as much and Elena was hardly in it...kind of like what happened to Sully in U2.

Aside from that the story was great....I think people just like to nit pick.

omi25p2599d ago

I would post the reasons i didnt like the story but last time i did i was marked as spam for posting spoilers to soon after the games release even though it had a spoiler warning.

Which is fair enough i guess. But i do have real reasons as to why i didnt like the story and they arent nitpicking. If your interested ask me in PM u

ikkokucrisis2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I actually liked UC2's story over this one (which felt a lot more 'safe' storytelling wise). I hope for the next one they pull out all the stops and take more risks.

On the flip side, multiplayer is a lot better ;)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32599d ago

The Uncharted franchise's stories have never been brilliant, it's the way it's told that always has...

Iroquois_Pliskin2599d ago did this get aproved?

inveni02598d ago

One reason Elena didn't get much time (which is also one of my complaints...I love that lady) is because they didn't know for sure if they'd even be able to get Emily Rose to do any voice work because "Haven" had just been renewed for a second season. So they had to manipulate the story to work around all of that.

I did really enjoy seeing more about Sully and Drake, though. That was great.

As far as the story goes, they left one big hole for me, and that had to do with how the bad dude managed to get around so mysteriously. He seemed to appear and vanish out of nowhere, and that was never discussed.

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Thatguy-3102599d ago

Story wise it was perfect like the previous but there is a few downsides that have me liking uncharted 2 more as an overall game(single player wise). First and for most is the aiming !!! It's annoying and lacks the smoothness that uncharted 2 had. Secondly the horde of random enemies that pop out !!!! And not only that but they have shotguns,rocket launchers and snipers !!!! It's annoying when you die constantly. It's not impossible to pass the game in hard but its just frustrating. And the last part is that the new characters weren't really developed good because of the small role they played. Cutter was a good character but we didnt see much of him. I adore uncharted 2 because the new characters there developed perfectly and interacted with one another in a brilliant way. But story wise, graphics and online triumph over its predecessor.

Thatguy-3102599d ago

As a matter of fact I find myself playing the multiplayer more than the story I just got into the chapter where the eclipse happens and the twist occurs.

cyntell2599d ago

Thank God. I thought I was the only one having to get used to the crappy aiming. You go from the first and second one and then play this and it's horrible. I adjusted the sensitivity to help compensate but its not the same. Still a great game otherwise.

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Thatguy-3102599d ago

Ohh and let's be relistic Batman is going to win GOTY simply because it did what uncharted 2 did back in 09. It's the underdog from the bunch and it will win because of the critical success that it has gotten. If you don't see it then your just in denial and coming the vga's I will come back to this post and say I TOLD YOU SO

Papertiger2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

With a bold statement like that, you'd better hope so. Otherwise, you'd be eating your own words.

SoapShoes2599d ago

U3 has had just as much critical success as Batman, don't you know?

jwatt2599d ago

I really liked this one more than the second my only cons is that I had a few problems with my team AI not really helping out and ending feeling a little rushed.

For me I feel like this game is more memorable!

StraightPath2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

It is a great game but does not the same effect as Uncharted 2 had. But Batman seems to be the top dog so far.

NewZealander2599d ago

my main issues with the game are the aiming! its so stiff, the animation is also starting to look old, i felt like i was always fighting for control over drake, almost like hes drunk, im sure UC2 wasn't this bad.

and the dark sections of the game look awful, either too dark or washed out if you try to fix the problem.

i dont know, i feel like UC3 has lost some of the magic that made UC2 so special.

Pozzle2599d ago

The 'drunk' walking is definitely intentional. In this game, Drake now interacts with everything he touches, so he's a little clumsier than he was in U2. I didn't mind the clumsiness. It made him more 'human' imo. But sometimes I wish he'd stop grabbing the damn walls when I wanted to walk in a straight line. lol

rezzah2599d ago

In the eyes of some "yes", in the eyes of others "no".

So what is the answer? Yes and no.

jammy_702599d ago

Is u3 disappointing? No... And the story was great. Controlling drake could still be improved though....

Carlini3602599d ago

Did no one notice the clunky aiming? The terrible AI? The copy and paste story? And don't get me started on the plot holes. THERE ARE TONS. Then the multiplayer is pretty awful. All you have to do is run around blind firing and then hit the melee button. Yeah, this will take me off Battlefield 3. Naughty Dog should probably be embarrassed. And this is coming from a guy that thinks Uncharted 2 is one of the best games of all time. Guess I have to wait for Uncharted 4.

NewZealander2598d ago

i agree the aiming needs to be fixed ASAP, and yes the AI is shocking, im still enjoying the game, but its far from perfect, after uncharted 2 i expected far more, im also a bit concerned that very few of the reviews actually pointed out these flaws.

i want U3 to be perfect, im just kind of sad that it couldnt manage to beat U2.

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gamer2342599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

u call it a disappointment ,yet its nominated 4 spike vga awards. even at 93, uncharted 3 is still higher than any 360 exclusive and u still call it a flop, why don't I see dis kind of media coverage 4 gears , forza or any 360 exclusive

DeathAvengers2599d ago

Um... Rage much? They're entitled to their own opinions. Why do you have to bring the 360 into this?

Goeres2599d ago

Because noone else do?

Papertiger2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Its obvious to why people would stoop to such low levels. Its quite a common trend when it comes to the subject of ps3 exclusives. Its like they're under a microscope.

With Uncharted 3 We've seen more coverage with the singular 3 bad or below average review scores that have been given compared to the MULTITUDE of perfect/near perfect scores it was awarded. Its quite pathetic when you look at it. Two outliers got the most recognition to a fantastic title, and that's a shame.

What makes it worse is that everyone has been duped into giving them what they were vouching for when those reviewers gave those heinously low scores. Free publicity and page views.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2599d ago

Why do you care what the media says? Did you enjoy Uncharted 3? That's all that matters. Real gamers don't care about awards or reviews. Only time reviews would matter if they talk about serious glitches or horrible control. But story & characters are all subjective.

Hicken2598d ago

Why do people always say this crap? It matters, for a number of reasons, what the media says.

First, if they portray a good or great game in a bad light, people see that, believe what they're told, and the game's sales suffer. Which means the worthy, hard-working developers suffer. Which means the chances of getting another standout title from them go down.

Second, when people put a lot of effort into something, and the end result is to be lauded, you want them to get the recognition they deserve. Naughty Dog has, yet again, produced something special, and they deserve to be praised for it.

Third, people tend to defend the things they like. Be it a sports team, a clothing brand, a car, or a video game, you defend the things you like BECAUSE you like them. You don't want to hear someone talking bad about your favorite sports team- even if they suck- or saying your favorite car- or yours, specifically- is a piece of crap, and this only gets worse when it becomes the media, because their power is more potent and influential than one individual's.

I'm certain there are other reasons, perhaps tied to these, perhaps separate, but these are the most important ones that come to mind when I think of why I care about what the media says. Honestly, I think you'd be foolish NOT to care.

Story and characters, by the way, are NOT subjective. Liking or disliking them may be, but the development and depth of characters and the story and world they take part in is something that can and should be looked at objectively.

LarVanian2599d ago

As I said before, the only thing about Uncharted 3 that disappointed me was the villain(s), but that wouldn't stop me from giving the game a full 10/10. The whole game was an absolute blast but the very last two chapters in particular were completely jaw dropping.
I would honestly go as far to say that Uncharted 3 could be seen as a preview of the experience that early next gen games will provide.

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Thatguy-3102599d ago

I agree I was disappointed the way they used the villain in this installment. Was expecting her to be or turn to some type of creature towards the end of the game..wanted to beat the sh*t out of her with the new meele system lol

Relientk772599d ago

Nope not even close, Uncharted 3 is completely amazing

Every game in the Uncharted series has been a completely epic and fun game

PRHB HYBRiiD2599d ago

yeap all the games are awesome the ONLY thing i dont like about it is that in all 3 games the story i kinda the same ur looking for treasures killing pirates there is always a bad guy who wants the hunted treasure and in the end u end up fighting monsters or demons and not getting the treasure cause is cursed i was hoping for something different this time around but oh well the game is still awesome .. playing on crushing mode (:

Chuk52599d ago

What? How? ND delivered a refined a experience built on the ideas of one of the best action games in history.