BF3 has the best multiplayer in industry, players won’t quit for MW3 – EA

Product-Reviews writes: With just days to go until the global release of Modern Warfare 3, it’s fair to say that many players are still engrossed in Battlefield 3, with EA’s latest effort proving to be a winner. We posed an interesting question earlier this week in relation to players quitting BF3 for MW3, but now EA has had their say on the matter.

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tr00p3r2176d ago

EA's key quote from the article: ''If you look at all the reviews that we’ve gotten, not a single one that I’ve seen has been negative towards the multiplayer. In fact, many state that the multiplayer is the multiplayer experience to have, the best in the world. And if I can continue to harness that and work on improving that and give the consumers more of that, then hopefully they’re going to feel loyal to us and stay.”

My thoughts...are that any game that actually requires aiming gets the nod in my book, rather than just point and hold down the fire button in the hope of a kill that we see too much of these days.

phosphor1122175d ago

I agree with your last comment, but BF3 MP has some things they need to fix. I still don't see how the Tac-light can be so blinding in a sunny map.

Also, rockets aren't very strong, either that or it's a glitch. Shot a guy at his feet in metro, he got hit, and kept running.

And while I'm glad Recon is no longer as annoying as it was in BC2, but because how overpowered they were last game, they are really weak in comparison to every other class in BF3.

In short, the BF3 mp might be great, but EA is getting to big of an ego for nothing.

thaking1552175d ago

I agree with the Tac. Light in the daytime because that is crazyness and the Rockets def arent strong enough. I hate how the sniper Rifles they have are not strong.

But this is the most realistic battle game, because the gun that you shoot does matter not like in COD where the person with the 3-round burst gun will be killed by the guy with the pistol. That's crap the rate of fire and power is faster and stronger. I like COD but that's the only thing that Urks me with that game. But Battlefield is pretty good!

OMEGAXS12175d ago

Im with you on the rockets. I've blasted (tried to)a hand full of people and nothing happens to them but yet, I get shot up.

I,ve shot rockets and seen em dissappear a couple feet away. Then I get, shot up. Not cool but I love this game anyways :)

Clarence2175d ago

Yes. The damn Tac light is to bright. I mean it completely blinds you. Also the Recon class is definitely the weakest of the all the classes.

Head shots are a must if you want to survive. Another issue I have is that recon class has no way to take out tanks. Like in BFBC2 I think recon class should be able to call in Motor strikes or at least get some C4.

I hope Dice has a weapon pack in the future for this issue.

Other than that its a great game.

KaBaW2175d ago

I was just thinking the same thing, just a bit ago.
If the map is bright, the light needs to not blind you.
The other thing, is.. the light doesn't even 'bright' up in the dark.
There are countless places I've been where the light didn't even show.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32175d ago

Nope, their statement is stupid. Best multiplayer? No one would choose MW over it? Wtf? The platform it sold the most on, still prefers two older versions of MW, so it's safe to say, EA is beyond delusional. What's worse is the first comment basically agrees with EA...a spade is a spade...

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The Meerkat2175d ago

Games that require skill don't pull the big crowds these days. People want easy kills.

Or else everyone would play Halo.

NuclearDuke2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Counter-Strike is still the second most played FPS on PC along with Counter-Strike:Source these days.

GamerSciz2175d ago

@NuclearDuke And CSS requires skill with a little bit of lack but still plenty of skill required to aim properly and learn the recoil of all the weapons. I have been playing for around 5 1/2 years now. Still play it almost nightly.

Heartnet2175d ago

@gamer Css does not require skill lol...

and @Meerkat.. niether does Bf3 lol.. no fps does xD u can get decent amount of kills by spraying and/or using knife :)

tr00p3r2175d ago

Bring on Counter-Strike: Global Operations, that will show everyone what a real online FPS shooter is like.

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Trunkz Jr2175d ago

Rockets are meant for armors not soldiers, stop firing at people and learn to use a gun.

cyborg69712175d ago

Your right but even if your shooting a tank they are underpowered.

BeardedPriest2175d ago

You desreve a nobel peace prize... Also, cool picture of the Major. These little homos can't shoot straight so they rely on rockets and splah damage meant for armor... and than when a T91 or Abrams rolls around all these engineer assholes with their RPGs and SMAWs are nowhere to be found. And Medics or gunners alike me along with the dumb engineers are all blown the hell up. Maybe Dice can change this by rewarding people with more points for taking out tanks...

Hockeydud192175d ago

Lol I wonder what the average hit ratio is in BF3. From a distance you really do have to take precise shots. Not takin a jab at COD, but you can hit somebody with an ACR clear across the map without even trying.

Heartnet2175d ago

But can u kill em? i doubt it unless the player is real bad xD

If u can hit people across maps with guns then thats fair as ur aiming at em :) just cause guns are more unaccurate in other games doesnt mean the hit ratio in cod is any different

Hockeydud192175d ago

Yea, but there's almost no recoil in Call of Duty. So you may be aiming, but nothing else is effecting your shot.

Gamer-Z2175d ago

I have hit people across the map with the P90 in COD and without even using a red dot xP

A-Glorious-Dawn2175d ago

COD's 'magic bullets' make it easy to kill.

It changes the dynamic of the game when it's like this, not bad in my opinion, it's arcade. gaming needs a game like cod.

for us that want something deeper, there's battlefield

Hockeydud192175d ago

Yea it's fun, I won't deny that. Which makes me wonder why I get so mad when I miss in COD. Hmm lol

Spenok2175d ago

Yeah, the big difference in the shooting mechanics between the two games tho, That very LITTLE people know about is, that ALL bullets drop over distance, and all bullets loose damaging power over distance.

So with that argument, in CoD if you can see someone all you need.TP do is aim and shoot. In BF you need to lead off, aim higher (for distance kills) AND shoot more bullets to kill someone.

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farhad2k82175d ago

But I'm trading my copy in for MW3.
What's a game if it can't even connect me to a fricking' robust match?!
Ever since I got BF3 for the PS3, I haven't played a SINGLE full match without being disconnected.
I have 50MB Virgin Media Fibre Optic internet, on I get 40MB+ on average download speed, which is way more than average. Yet, I always get disconnected, and can;t connect to friends.

Atleast CoD allows me to play a FULL match WITH friends. Bye bye BF3, bring on good ol' MW3.

leogets2175d ago

Omg dude u said the magic word. Virgin. Virgin broadband is fuckin pants dude to keep u on ps3 and dont have disconnection issues on bf3. Either ur broadband needs re wireing or ur trying to play in servers the other side of the world

Septic2174d ago

LOOOOOL! You're using connectivity as a reason to pick Call of Duty over Battlefield 3?

Oh my days- funniest post of the year. Sort out your connection mate.

COD with its stupid host advantage and non-dedicated servers over BF? Really?

It is downright pathetic that, in a game that touts itself as a competitive MP FPS, the host can just go to dashboard if he is losing and the whole game session ends. Compound this with the fact that this is the best selling game franchise making MILLIONS and yet, the developers don't have the decency to have a stable online platform for their fans they are so willing to exploit via DLC.

farhad2k82174d ago

I've even tried it at work, where I have Sky Broadband. Yet again, I can't find a robust match to play in, it works for like 3 minutes, then I either get kicked out, or the game just freezes. The PS3 I have at work, is the fat model, and the one I have at home is the slim.
Virgin media works with every other game, perfectly. 9.5/10 times, I have 4 green bars on CoD. I NEVER lag on that game, EVER.

What's a game if I can't fucking play it? It's not just me, more than 10 of my friends have the same fucking problem. They've just given up on it all together, and we all play FIFA now.
Plus, why is it that the 3 minutes of online gameplay I actually do get, I get noob tubed like a BITCH. Literally, grenade launchers every where, worse than MW2.

I'm definetely trading it in for MW3. EA servers SUCK! Even the FIFA servers SUCK! They need to invest more money in to their servers, before they invest in a new game.

Szarky2175d ago


"but BF3 MP has some things they need to fix. I still don't see how the Tac-light can be so blinding in a sunny map."

Uhm how about they fix the BIG things first like squads splitting up (I can't play with 2 or 3 of my buddies we get split up). Voice chat being completely brokem, so choppy. It's a team based game, those 2 HUGE problems have stopped myself and a few of my buddies from playing at all right now.

MRMagoo1232175d ago

OMG that still happens in bf3???? I remember that in bfbc2 and how annoying it was when you couldnt chat to friends or get in the same team.

ATi_Elite2175d ago

but some gamers may not like the feel of BF3. They may not like that you have to actually aim and use teamwork and winning depends on skill and not a coin toss.

COD appeals to so many cause for one it's an easy game to pick up and start ripping off killstreaks. I've already heard many people say that BF3 was too hard and they can't wait for MW3.

BF3 and MW3 are too VERY different experiences and i hope they stay that way. many games FAILED and were turned crappy trying to clone COD.

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The_Infected2176d ago

Let me ask this. Everyone on here tell me what they like more? Also will you go to MWF3 if you have BF3? Now let the gamers do the talking not EA.

raWfodog2175d ago

My question is why do they feel like they would be 'leaving' one or the other? If you like both, then play both. I fnot, then so be it. But if you like BF3 and wanted to try out MW3, you wouldn't have to stop playing BF3 and vice-versa.

thaking1552175d ago

BF3 I like, Obviously havent played MW3 but based on Black Ops, World at War, Modern Warfare 1&2 I take BF3.

More realistic, no question to when you die, a person can't walk through mines or claymores and survive and kill you.

But I will def give MW3 a try, but right now im leaning with staying with BF3

Heartnet2175d ago

No game is realistic.. In no way is BF3 more realistic compared to CoD.. there both as fantasy as each other :)

and there not realistic because they have to be fun and entertaining whereas realistic shooters arnt.. both are very arcadey shooters and just cause one has more accurate guns and takes more bullets to kill etc dont mean its more realistic xD

and u cant survive claymores in mw2! they kill you all the time

thaking1552175d ago

I know what you mean no game is realistic, but if there would be a game that could close enough to the realism IMO its BF3 with Modern Warfare a close second.

It's happens all the time to me. I can't explain it at all I dont know if its a glitch or what but def it has happened on more than one occasion.

Good feedback bro!

lMHl2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

wooo I like bf3 wooo its fun wooo

joeyisback2176d ago

i couldnt get into the online that much ive played it a few times online just doesnt get me into it

SP3333D-O2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

They are very different games. BF takes a lot more than a FEW times to get into the swing of things, but, once you do, it can be MUCH more rewarding.

pctrollv42175d ago

i will never get a cod game again after bf3...dice ftw

ZombieAssassin2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Most will prolly play both, which one they play more though who knows. I lost interest in the CoD formula after WaW and I don't think I'll be picking up BF3 till after the holidays as I'd rather have me some Skyrim and Uc3. If I had BF3 though no way I'd leave it for CoD unless it was 4 but even then I'd still play BF3 more.

raWfodog2175d ago

That's what I'm saying also. You don't have to leave one game for the other. It's not a relationship, you could play both.

Cosmit2175d ago

Just turn the BF3 box or MW3 box when your playing the latter lol.
It's not cheating if they don't know ;P