PixelJumpers: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

"If you could describe Uncharted 3 with one-word it would be breathtaking. There wasn’t a single moment in Uncharted 3 that didn’t at least impress, if not blow me away in some way. Though it’s not quite the revolution that Uncharted 2 was, Uncharted 3 simply refines and improves upon aspects of its predecessor. Only a few small steps keep it away from absolute perfection, but Uncharted 3 is still absolute brilliance all the way through, and will go down in history as one of the best games of all time." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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The_Devil_Hunter2303d ago

Its so funny how all these 10 don't go up on Metacritic.

Boody-Bandit2303d ago

No but that trolling AV Club was up on Metacritic in minutes and it wasn't even a review. Just a couple ranting paragraphs to entice foot traffic to their site. I have seen over 30 perfect scores and only half of them are on metacritic and most of them better written than that trash from AV Club.

jp_footy22303d ago

Why don't they go up on Metacritic?

Aussiegamer2303d ago

This is what I would love to know.

devilmaydance2303d ago

A game's Metacritic score isn't important. Just enjoy the game.

The_Devil_Hunter2303d ago

You are absolutely correct, but I care because unfortunately many fall for reviews, and Im afraid people who are new to games will read reviews and think GTA IV is the better game. BUt I agree, I will enjoy my game.

baodeus2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


if you compare GTA4 to San Adreas, sure, but GTA4 is no slouch.

1. It has great story, great voices, great dialogue, great characters too (nicko bellis is pretty bad ass).
2. Tone of contents (not to include 2 DLCs)
3. Open world games
4. Insane detail for an open world game.
5. Dynamic
6. The MP online is funny as hell (personnely, it was one of the most fun i ever had playing online).
7. High replay value even in SP game.

UC3 is a different types of games, but content wise, it is no way more than GTA4. There isn't much to do in UC3 beside good looking when comparing to GTA4. GTA4 is a dynamic game, UC3 is linear. We can at least agree on that aspect right?

There are more surprising element to GTA4 if you spend more time with it, while after the first play through UC3, the surprising elements is totally gone. There are just much more replay value in GTA4 sp than UC3 SP.

Funny, people only judge GTA4 against GTA san Adreas, while not judging it as a great game in general.

UC3 is a great game, so is GTA4. I think u worry too much over the score (which UC series got high really high score and lots of awards too), rather than just enjoying it.

one disagree eh, then prove what i said is wrong then? No? I doubt anyone could.

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Papertiger2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Since october 24, 2011 to November 2, 2011 out of the 18 perfect 10/10 scores Uncharted 3 received from various gaming websites, only 2 were accounted into Uncharted 3's metacritic score. 16 perfect scores weren't even placed into its aggregiate.

To date, every single score that has been below 9 has been accounted into Uncharted 3's metacritic score no matter how obscure the website.

It really makes no logical sense whatsoever when you look at it.

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GoldenPheasant2303d ago

my lordy this game is something else...I'm playing as we speak (took a smoke break and to check gaming news), just passed the château... wowie. To all the useless tits saying its just the same blah blah blah, go ... f*** ... yourselves.

fastNslowww2303d ago

really that good huh? NICE!

Jayjayff2303d ago

i am specially in love with the fighting mechanics, it is very compelling and dynamic i would usually find myself going out of my ways just so i could beat the enemies. This time i starter off the bad in hard difficulty since when i first tried in Uncharted 2 it created a whole different feeling of necessity of survival. That my friends is a well done single player.

smashcrashbash2303d ago

Did you guys know they gave us all three PS1 Crash games and Crash Racing for free on PSN Plus. I wonder if it was done to celebrate the release of UC3? Ah well, never got to play them before and I am going to town on all of them.

blaze22-qwerty2303d ago

I'm playing right now i rate the game 9.9/10 my only complaint is the game is kinda easy even on crushing