Skyrim – hands on preview and interview with director Todd Howard

Official PlayStation Magazine UK spend an afternoon in Skyrim and talk to director Todd Howard about burning chickens and living with the children of people you kill.

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SpartanQ82455d ago

#Skyrim Fried Chicken

seinfan2455d ago

SFK? Do you mean SFC? Unless I'm completely unaware of this SFK acronym.

kingdavid2455d ago

Sky-ron F Kennedy is what he actually meant.

SilentNegotiator2455d ago

What kould you possible not understand konkerning the KFK referenke?

Besides, I'm pretty sure he meant "Skyrim GRILLED Chicken" - the nasty new kind that's greasier, not crispy, but looks great in the commercial and causes protests when not given for free.

SpartanQ82454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

yeah that what i meant my bad man :)

Note:When i realize that i cant edit it, but i think people get it anyway

Thanks for the correction

banjadude2455d ago

Trophy/Achievement [secret] unlock? lol

rabidpancakeburglar2455d ago

Fantastic and long preview, only a week and a half left.

BeOneWithTheGun2455d ago

The wait has been killing me. I cant stand it! Im dying to go be a thieving bastard. Anything not nailed down is mine.

rabidpancakeburglar2455d ago

I'm going to be the opposite way(first play through at least. I'll earn my money and items the proper way and generally choose the morally good choices in missions.

Blackdeath_6632455d ago

naah probably be a battle mage like GANDALF

BeOneWithTheGun2455d ago

Yeah, i used to do the good route but then, somehow, something takes over me and i go to the dark side. Usually, a townsperson who pisses me off and then its all down hill from there.

Tjrocks7412455d ago

haha yeah like the dang annoying fan...that guy was a waste so i "tested" anything new on him

Laxman2455d ago

Haha, its usually opposite for me in most RPGs. I start off as a bad mofo, but somewhere down the line the game turns me good.

Xalaris2455d ago

"I walked in a straight line until something happened. Wolves happened. A really bad case of wolves. Luckily, they’re just as flammable as chickens, so some fire magic soon solved the whole wolf issue.


I see a stag bolt through the trees and salmon jumping in the river, all to an uplifting swell of orchestral strings. It’s beautiful. You can barely even smell the burning wolves any more."

I lol'd

SephirothX212454d ago

I'm the playing the game now. I downloaded the leaked version for 360 but I'll buy it when released. I do not steal games! I modded my 360 for one reason only, to play games like these over a week before release.

Anyway, the game is amazing. Don't be put off by the leaked first 20 minutes. Once you reach the open world, you will not believe your eyes. You're also hit with so many side quests that you won't be able to keep up. I haven't really advanced in the main story because I'll be getting the pc version next week and will have to do it all again. What I've played has been brilliant though.

chretienm2449d ago

Pirating music is one thing, and movies another... but games? No shame..

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