410° reaches over 250 PS3 themes

Only launched two weeks ago, PSU's PlayStation 3 Theme section has reached over 250 themes. With the help of graphic designers and PSU users, they have become the largest source for all your PS3 Theme needs.

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xplosneer3958d ago

The Warhawk and The Simpsons ones are great.

ruibing3958d ago

Agreed, some really nice gems in there.

Violater3957d ago

Though I love the themes created, I still prefer my animated background.
Now if they released tools to make those that would be great.

ELite_Ghost3957d ago

do you know what would be a funny theme? The xbox 360 dashboard

Crazyglues3957d ago

I like because I can download the theme right from my PS3's web browser and it installs right to the system. -not sure if this site can do that?

Close_Second3957d ago

...themes are not my thing as I don't really care what my O/S looks like (its only there to get me from A to B) I don't like the way on the 360 you can't see the theme before you buy it. Its especially cruel considering there are no refunds if you don't like what you have downloaded.

Bonsai12143957d ago

you have to buy themes on live? i would never pay for customization. freeware is the way to go for that stuff. i haven't browsed much through those themes, but i like the normal stuff..

Chubear3957d ago

Yeah it's kinda crazy how MS gets away with stuff like that.

socomnick3957d ago

I think there was a website that you could have visited and it gave you a preview of the theme.

Close_Second3957d ago

Like you said...there use to be a website. It was shut down over 6 months ago.

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NoUseMerc3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

here are some recently added themes:

Valkyrie Profile by mOdus

Heavenly Swords by BO0OM:

EDMIX3957d ago

OMG!!! Did you see how fast people began making themes!! Just wait and see all the crazy things that will be made on LittleBigPlanet!!!

Bathyj3957d ago

EDMIX I agree 100%, thats what I keep thinking. Its like the masses are just yearning to create something themselves. Something personal, something that shows who they are, something that show their talent and finally, something they can play on their PS3's.

LBP is gonna blown the roof off PSN and change the way people think about user created content. Time to up grade those Hard drives people 40, 60 and 80 Gigs aren't gonna be enough when LBP comes out.

rushbd3957d ago

my theme is number 2 on the top 10 list!!!!!

WisinYandel3957d ago

thats the one im using right now and for me its the best theme out there. very nice job :)

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