Next-Gen Preview: Devil May Cry 4 - 'highly disjointed '

Devil May Cry 4 is brash, beautiful, and a huge amount of fun to play. It's also a little disappointing, seeming like little more than a cosmetic upgrade from DMC3. Playing through an entire level as Nero in a recent demo, areas are cordoned off by familiar red glowing walls, enemies drop in, and fighting begins. It's the same as always, with a few new moves, and knocking foes around and racking up combos is easy for a DMC veteran (or, frankly, even for a newcomer).

The locations are beautiful, of course, but seem very narrow in scope – as you pass through a wrecked town with demons merrily jumping on cars and running through the streets, you can't leap over the two-foot barrier to fight them (despite executing a 100-foot jump in the previous room), but have to merely watch the animations play out.

But overall the combat is why DMC works, and it works as effectively as ever in this iteration. It looks great, plays well, and will no doubt sell loads of copies. You just wish Capcom would address a few pacing and inconsistency niggles.

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Skerj3959d ago

From what they mentioned I'm actually happy with what they've done. Don't mess with success or you get DMC2!! I just want the combat depth to remain as deep as the classics with a good story to boot and all signs are pointing to yes. Nero's Devil Bringer air combos looked so dope and adding style switching to Dante was something I was asking for since DMC3. I hope he gets to be unlockable for the full game instead of his pre selected chapters. Capcom better wrap that crap up on the load times though, we're playing on PS3s, 360s, and PCs there shouldn't be an abundance of those.

KidMakeshift3959d ago

Loading shouldn't exist for a game like this.

I just hope the game has a japanese dub option. The same for MGS4

DemiseofPandas3958d ago

I'm pretty sure they only dub this in English, I mean DMC3 was, and all of the trailers show the same dub.

Chitown712913959d ago

I don't really know about Devil May Cry 4 anymore. I mean when the first trailer came out I was all like well it looks decent, but there's still room for improvement ( graphical wise ). I mean then DMC 4 really got me when they replaced Dante with Nero. How do you replace one of the coolest mofo's in gaming. That is like replacing Cloud with a brand new character that looks exactly like Cloud with different clothes and weapons. Well that is exactly what they did with DMC 4 and I don't like it. Capcom just face it tis generation you are really sucking, and I mean bad. Capcom note to self stop making milked franchises.

blikz3959d ago

Capcom should change the style of DMC or else Ninja Gaiden 2 & God of War 3 leave DMC in the dust.....

BloodySinner3959d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 already left it in the dust.

Skerj3958d ago

All they really need to do is change some of the useless weapons out from the last one (looking at you Spiral) in favor of new weapons, and advance the story. They've already added style switching for Dante and Nero has his own play style. DMC falls in between of the awesome combat and toiletpaper thin story of NG, and the awesome storytelling and so/so combat of GoW. Don't get me wrong I love GoW/II but the combat wasn't that deep. NG had relatively deeper combat mechanics but the story sucked, which I'm finding is getting more and more important to me as the generations go by.

BloodySinner3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

If you want story, go read a book. Ninja Gaiden's (Xbox) story was straight and simple. It wasn't there to confuse the user. It was about a lone Ninja seeking revenge for the destruction of his village. We are here to play video games, people.

KidMakeshift3958d ago

DMC just needs to get rid of the "in your face" extreme attitude that Dante has. He comes off like a poser, and I can't help but think of TMNT or Bart Simpson every time he opens his mouth.

Also, get rid of the awful KMFDM wannabe music

Skerj3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I do read books but that doesn't change the fact that I appreciate a decent well told story in games. They set up an interesting mythology and the basis of a good revenge story. I was expecting something like Evil Cult but was met with American Ninja. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the game, I had the first when it was released then traded up to Black which I still own and play. Then I purchased Sigma and returned it when I realized it was pretty much the same game with souped up graphics and a few gameplay tweaks and some additional areas.

I've always preferred substance over style and a good story can edge it over the competition because it adds that extra layer of immersion. Capcom won with DMC1/3 for me because it offered both and I'm hoping 4 does the same. I'll pick up NG2 as well in time though.


Hah you're SO right about that, fortunately he wasn't like that in the 1st and 2nd. They attributed his idiotic behavior and one liners from the 3rd because he was younger, which later on in the game he did shut the hell up and grew up. But still he used a motorcycle like Nunchakus so you can't mess with that. So since this one is between 1 and 2, I'm hoping that Mountain Dew cowabunga attitude doesn't follow over. As far as the music, if I never hear "Now you've really crossed the liiiiiiiiiine" again it'll be too soon. I always turned down the music and played my own, here's to custom soundtracks man.

god_o_war3958d ago

skerj wat the hell you mean the so/so combat of GoW ive played all dmcs both GoW and while dmcs combat is super fantastic GoWs combat is awesoem you have soooo much freedom with your combinations and attack direction its incredible the only thing they need to add is more fast weapons and it would be perfect!!!!

Skerj3958d ago

OK I'll give you GoWII because the extra weapons weren't useless and the combat mechanics required thought and were waaaaaaaay deeper than the first. I maxed out everything in the first and still found the game requiring only 3-4 combos to obliterate everyone and the occasional Poseiden's Rage or Army of Hades.

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Noodlecup3959d ago

Gee, if only games were more innovative with each release like Halo

*rolls eyes*

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