Gamespot: GTAV puts multiple protagonists in fictional LA - Report

Rockstar sequel rumored to put players in control of a handful of characters, return to the sunny part of the West Coast.

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Pintheshadows2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

GTA5 to put multiple Hamster participants in their underground secret city of Furminsk and follow a tale of crime and corruption. It will possibly have mini hamster hovercrafts and will be full of popping dialogue.

What amuses me is I have the same amount of evidence to support my theory as Gamespot does. Nothing.

LightofDarkness2368d ago

This game sounds more interesting than GTA V will likely be.

LightofDarkness2368d ago

6 days, guys. You only have to wait 6 days and we'll know everything. Stop making stuff up and saying it's news.

RowSand2368d ago

oh god thanks lightofdarkness,,now i know when the info is coming, im kind of lazy when its comes to google search

HebrewHammer2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

What concerns me is that this is a recurring story, so it may very well be accurate. Kotaku ran with it a few days back.

Now, I'm not concerned that its set in what may possibly be Los Santos, but that there are multiple playable characters.

Thats too big a departure from the series for me...

Forbidden_Darkness2368d ago

I hate the idea of multiple characters. I love that GTA has focused on one character. It makes for a better story.

Lirky2368d ago

Rockstargames are doing multiple characters probably because they cant use just 1 and u can customize them throughly.. since saints row franchise already using that.

ThichQuangDuck2368d ago

Would love to see multiple characters played in a interweaving almost pulp fiction esque way

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