Battlefield 3: A New Era for the Battlefield Franchise

MP1st - "With the release of the franchise's most highly anticipated game, a mere hours away, many gamers across the world sit with baited breath, ready to help usher in a new era of Battlefield."

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Fil1012403d ago

Can anyone tell me why I cant log into my battlelog, why it keeps telling me my account is not allowed to log in yet at the top of the battlelog screen it says battlelog for battlefield 3 is now open. is this because the game aint out yet.

Kalowest2403d ago

Doesn't battlelog go up tomorrow

Fil1012403d ago

well that's what I thought would happen but i've jus been on the site and it says it's now open, I'm confussed lol

Mister_V2403d ago

Same thing happening here. Maybe just a poor use of words on their part. I suspect it'll definitely be up tomorrow.

Shackdaddy8362403d ago

It's some type of lock for certain people. Don't worry it's not just you. There's a lot of people having this problem. I think it depends on if you are playing on console or PC or where you bought the game from.

Just wait till tomorrow...

swishersweets200312403d ago

i was able to log into battlelog.. got the free weapon too from it.

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