Amazon drops Brink to $10, Duke Nukem Forever to $20 and other gaming deals

XMNR: Amazon has revealed its game deals for the week of October 9 and it includes deep discounts on Brink, Duke Nukem Forever, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Wipeout in the Zone.

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Relientk772474d ago

I am still not getting these games lol

Soldierone2474d ago

I honestly don't think I could turn any game down for 10

Grimhammer002474d ago

Brink after patches & free an awesome game. It just requires a different way to play then most are use to.

KidMakeshift2474d ago

So is Brink still broken like Team Fortress on the 360 or did they finally fix it up?

maniacmayhem2474d ago

Wow, you know you have a bad game when you're reduced lower than Duke Nukem.