Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Video Comparison

Old Build vs New Build

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jc485732541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It's like Naughty Dog has this obsession with detail. I think some developers need to start taking notes. I really don't know what really pushed this company this far, but they deserve my utmost respect. I really hope Sony and Naughty Dog can find ways to promote this game more.

Is it just me or the characters look more lively and younger?

WhiteLightning2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

"Is it just me or the characters look more lively and younger? "

Yeah it looks that way, I'm glad to be honest I would rather them be young in the game rather then them getting too old.

I mean it lowers the chances of seeing Elena get pregant at the end of this, I don't want some brat trying to be "funny" and "cool" in the next game when really he/she would just get in the way and be Alex/Mutt from The Mummy 2 and Indiana Jones 4.

PLASTICA-MAN2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The newer build has multiples details added:
- At 0:07, there is grass moving added.

- At 0:10, Elena Fisher's hair is casting shadows on her back.

- At 0:11 Nathan Drake's clothes have more wrinkles.

- At 0:53 they have huge amount of selfshadowing and their fingers aren't clipping anymore and now they (their fingers of course)are even casting shadows on each others.

Without mentioning that their faces and models look more detailed with scars and mud and the lighting is way better also the colours are no longer saturated hence the more realsitic look of the game.

Sadly, this video isn't complete because the differences don't stop there. If you watch the older build at 3:37 and compare it to the new one at 3:17 you notice that the plane has reflections of the environments on it and when Nathan is chasing it at 3:23 (old build) and at 3:03 (new build) , his clothes wrinkle realistcally following the directions of his arms and movements and the more he speeds up, the more the wrinkles are notcable like in real life. Moreover, at 5:30 (old build) and at 5:15 (new build), when the arabian gorilla twareg opens the rear hatch of the plane, both of his clothes and Nathan's ones interact realistically to the wind(such reaction was only seen in MGS3 and MGS4) whereas in the older build, those physics were absent.

I watched the new chateau gameplay. Everything got better, fire, textures, physics and even ennemies look more different in faces and clothes (some are hooded):

The overhaul doesn't stop there too:

I can stay hours analysing the magnificence of this game, but there is no need for that. There will be always "NON-BELIEVERS" who blindly deny the facts. Amazing job Naughty Dog!

Edit: At elshadi: thank you! I need that bubble lol! Bubbles to you too!

Edit: at cooperdnizzle below: is it an uneeded insult or a sarcastic compliment? I'll consider the second possibilty.

elshadi2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

you are amazing man
well said +1

edit : if i could give you 10 bubbles for that comment i would
that was truly amazing

CommonSense2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

it definitely looks much better, but the characters don't even look like themselves. if it were a movie, i'd think they recast the characters with the original actor's stunt doubles. Also, Elena's nose looks a lot bigger in the new build.

@above: please stop declaring GOTY for games that you haven't fully experienced yet. There are a ton of big titles that are probably going to be in contention for that title, many of which haven't been released yet...including UC3.

PLASTICA-MAN2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Thank you very much for your support that gave me back my lost bubble and also great thanks to Wilczuch, the poster of this video for liking my comments.

The people worth thanking are Naughty Dog and Sony staff. Support them by buying the game and voting for it in order to win GOTY.

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sasuke992540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

No they don't look younger or anything, one with a big chin with wrinkles around his eyes "Drake" the other with one big fugly NOSE "Elena"

elshadi2540d ago

trololololololololol police on it's way
you better run ... RUN I TELL YOU

WhiteLightning2541d ago

I like the pink on Elena, it gives her some colour since in Among theives it was just plain white.

ABizzel12541d ago

They should give Elena her complexion back. She looks pale in the new build, but overall everything else is much better.

Gamer30002541d ago

the right video looks sooo real
i don't know how ND do this

jc485732541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I call it magic. Something I've seen in the past, but only ND has been able to do this for this generation. You should check out the new ign demo cause it looked like 60fps to me.

Gamer30002541d ago

not only ND
you add to that GG(killzone) and SM(God of war 3)
and team ICO with TLG
you will think that ps3 is truly a magic console thanx to 1st party studios sony own
and untill you see god of war 4 and the next GG IP on ps3

i don't need a next gen console when i have ps3

Bathyj2541d ago

When people talk about the PS3's specs, they always talk about The Cell, the RSX, the quicker RAM and the SPU's, but no one ever mentions the 5 grams of Pixie Dust built into each console.

Where do you think the magic comes from?

elshadi2541d ago

OMG!! that was amazing
thats right there is
the best looking game on consoles
sorry god of war 3 and killzone 3
uncharted 3 just dethroned you both

Agheil2541d ago


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