Dark Souls Guide: How To Get Past The First Three Hours

NowGamer - Prepare To Die. That’s the motto surrounding Dark Souls and, on its release, it’s probably an adage you initially underestimated. So, if you’ve died more times than you care to count and are still yet to get past that first boss then these are the tips for you.

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Tanir2478d ago

play the game and stop wasting time ruining the experience for yourself by even thinking of using a guide that's how to get passed the first three hours

rdgneoz32477d ago

A guide does come in handy at times. You don't want to ruin the experience, but little tips are always nice. I know I had to look up where to go next after I hit Firelink for the first time. Ended up going to New Londo at first and getting raped by ghosts for like 30 min, first trying to kill them and then trying to sprint past them. After finding out where to go, ended up doing a lot better and enjoying the game.

Tanir2477d ago

true enough, tips are nice, but all these guides are a bit much. im currently stuck haha, 5 hours in and everywhere is too strong so im back tracking to see if the keys i found are useful.

damn tree dudes are tough, especially when there are like 5 of them and like 3 giant knights chasing u at the same time -_- lol

Solidus187-SCMilk2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

ohh yeah, at first I had no idea where to go.

it wasnt too hard to figure out tho, I just went to the place with the weakest enemies which was the burg. but first I ran around and encountered abunch of things I couldnt kill like those skeletons and ghosts.

This game takes a toll on me because I like to explore every possible way before going the correct way, only in this game there are so many branching paths and connecting areas that I am forced to choose a way and go. I hate the feeling that I might be missing something but in this game you really need to move on because you encounter alot of enemies that you need to fight later on because early in the game they will destroy you.

I looked up how to cure a curse yesterday because I was stuck at half health. It didnt surprise me to learn that a merchant sold it, of course for far more souls then I have. But luckily I accidentally(by falling in the hole) found a shortcut to the boss, gaping dragon, so I can avoid the cursing frogs on my way to fight him once I get uncursed.

Im going to play now, gotta collect 6k souls and by the anti curse tablet.

The game is hard but I usually make good progress. One time I was stuck on a boss, the capra demon, he kept destroying me real fast. But once I recruited two people to help he was easy.

Genghis2477d ago

i got sick of dying

farming 6k in the forest now. cheap, but I DONT CARE

Mgs4isOverrated2478d ago

The only difficult thing about this series is trying very hard to stay awake. I definetely need a guide how to get stay awake for the first 3 hours.

Azmacna2477d ago

don't be ashamed to admit it's too hard for you.

Ser2477d ago

Hahahaha, I wonder if you'd be able to stay awake in the Tomb of the Giants area. I'd love to see you nod off in there. :)

SnakeShady2477d ago

C'mon look at his username, it's a troll. Ignore this retard.

MysticStrummer2477d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, even if it's ridiculous.

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Kishin2477d ago

NowGamer copy paste's ign's 3hrs guide...hmmmmmm

Optical_Matrix2477d ago

Only time I used a guide is when I heard that, by shooting the tail of the Dragon 20-30 times at the Undead Burg, you can acquire the Drake Sword which is apparently one of the strongest weapons in the game. Of course, so early on it will be useless to you but it's something nice to have their for later on when the game gets a lot harder.