DigitalFoundry: Face-Off: F1 2011

With F1 2011 Codemasters continues to refine the solid foundations laid down by last year's game. The handling mechanics have been improved, crafting an experience which is even more authentic than before, while the AI has been refreshed to ensure that seasoned veterans receive a strong challenge. The changes aren't particularly drastic but they do have a positive impact on the game: F1 2011 is easier to play for the casual fan whilst containing plenty of depth under the hood for those who go looking.

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JellyJelly2540d ago

"Overall, it's fair to say that the Xbox 360 delivers the most consistent experience of the two. While replays still suffer from some unsightly performance drops, the gameplay is a largely smooth affair with little compromise to the expertly handled racing action. In comparison, the PS3 release comes as something of a disappointment in this regard, though not without some merit - the underlying improvements to the AI, car handling and driving physics are all present and it's still clearly a worthwhile game."

buddymagoo2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

You want to see the wheel that has been made for this and GT5. PC & PS3 only though.