Americas Weekly Chart Week Ending 01st Oct 2011

X360 - 109,589
3DS - 84,132
PS3 - 55,814
DS - 42,705
Wii - 40,428
PSP - 18,601
PS2 - 13,540


1: (X360) Gears of War 3 - 430,155
2: (X360) FIFA Soccer 12 - 246,277
3: (PS3) FIFA Soccer 12 - 233,322
4: (PS3) The ICO & Shadow of the Co... - 106,761
5: (X360) X-Men: Destiny - 65,512
6: (X360) Dead Island - 48,130
7: (PS3) X-Men: Destiny - 47,948
8: (X360) Madden NFL 12 - 41,369
9: (PS3) Madden NFL 12 - 35,861
10: (PS3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - 33,855

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NukaCola2542d ago

Why does America seem to not care at all about Sony? Almost like the last 16 years of what Sony has done for gaming means nothing at all.

fluffydelusions2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

XBox has like an 11m unit lead here. The game sales numbers are fairly close when you take that into consideration. Also remember Gears 3 just released so lots of people buying xbox

r1sh122541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Xbox 360 is home in america, Sony is not
Look how many EA games are in that 10...
EA laughing to the bank

Fred-G-Sanford2541d ago

Sony made so many retarded decisions with the launch of the PS3 that it was no surprise at all when they struggled with sales/image for several years.

They took an amazing brand and made it a laughing stock in one generation. Truly an epic fail if there ever was one.

They have slowly corrected those initial mistakes, though, and the Playstation brand is doing better because of it, but Sony has done serious damage to its reputation, and they will continue to fight an uphill battle for the remainder of this generation, and possibly (probably) the next one.

ksense2542d ago

it is not about not caring for sony. most of them can only afford one console and if you ask them why they don't switch they say xbox is what their friends have. Microsoft were smart in releasing their consoles first and got a lot of them to adopt their consoles early and then the friend syndrome kicked in. If both consoles had released at the same time there was no way MS would be in the lead right now.

ShaunCameron2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Disagreed. The PS3 would have fared better had it came out at a similar or lower launch price point than the 360 and be developer-friendly. The Dreamcast came out a year before the PS2, but that didn't stop the PS2 from blowing it and the XB and GC out the water.

coolbeans2542d ago

You're encouraging possible future American PS3 buyers to make a purchase based on the past? Kind of ironic :P

units2542d ago

Same could be said about Japan not caring at all for Microsoft

NukaCola2542d ago

not at all. MS has never had a solid ground there and never made a real attempt to until this gen. The equivelant would be if JP didn't support Nintendo. Sony has over 150mil PS2 worldwide with the highet rated and most sold games of last gen. This year, tho. I mean I know it's cause of MS's marketing. MS is the king at marketing and they can sell an buck with a hole in it to man at the well. Good for them, but I wish the US would support Sony more, well good game in general. Gears and Halo sell the most but titles like Alan Wake get the shaft. And I know many PS3 sells mad millions. This isn't really an 360 thing as much as it's a 'gamers seem to stick to one ot two games' kind of thing. If new innovating titles can't outsell COD, then the industry will have a struggle moving forward.

Number_132542d ago

Because believe it or not, people buy consoles based on what they like and not according to some pledge of allegiance forged many moons ago.

Pillville2541d ago

"based on what they like and not according to some pledge of allegiance forged many moons ago"

but, you just described America perfectly.

Oldman1002542d ago

Xbox comes year before ps3 with online service loaded with teh social features and ways to inform teh users, iz cheaper and haz great established library already. Peoples and their frendz of course get teh 360. They use social features to spread word about how great timez are to be had. Den other frendz jump into teh party. Fo exampz dey go on party chatz and say "Yo manz dis game is sikkk! you should get it 2 mang!". Den oder guy gos "okay dudez, fo shizzle mah nizzle pizzle! Ima tell my broskis as well dog!". En den a buncha xboxes be selld and datz why xbox tulez teh ameircuh.

Lol i can't believe i just wrote that.

Oldman1002541d ago

Woops, sorry, i forgot the internet was serious business.

Prophet-Gamer2541d ago

And the PS2 continues to sell over a decade after it's release... wow, that's just amazing.

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4022542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

how can gears 3 still be selling so much it sold over 3 million world wide first week and now second week its sold over 400k in the U.S alone it will hit 4 million less than a month after release.

SantistaUSA2541d ago

It's just a great game, word to mouth goes long ways. I have a few friends that plan on getting it in the next few weeks, money is tight for some, so they have to wait.

Prophet-Gamer2541d ago

How? It's a great game, lots of fun and well worth full price. That's how. Not to mention a huge marketing campaign, huge hype, and the fact that it wraps up the entire trilogy.

Wikkid6662541d ago

America is about trends and following. Xbox is the trending thing at this moment.

Number_132541d ago

2005 - 2011 seems like a pretty long moment to me

Prophet-Gamer2541d ago

The Xbox has always been successful in NA, more so in the last year or so during which it has consistently beat out the Wii.

In NA, the 360 is the definitely the "it" thing to have while WW it's mostly the Ps3.

shreya2541d ago

lol at gta 4 still selling

Dread2541d ago

wow look at the wii numbers!!!

how the mighty have fallen.

AWBrawler2541d ago

right cos its already November and Zelda already released. Wow that sure is some pathetic sales even though they're right behind PS3 /sarcasm

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