Will Xbox 360 be left out in the cold this Christmas?

All the analyst talk is about who will win the important 2007 holiday sales, Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3. Can it really be all over for the Xbox 360? So where does that leave the poor old Microsoft Xbox 360, the one with the year head start, the excellent online service and the deep and ever broadening library of games?

Perhaps only Australians know the Xbox 360's charm, or perhaps it is due to the ever-perplexing exchange rate (PS3) and supply chain (Wii) conundrum that leads Australians to the Xbox 360. Whatever it is, for Australians it seems the favoured current-generation console for the beach house this summer is the Xbox 360. But that probably won't please Microsoft too much, Australian sales figure by comparison to other markets are miniscule.

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Mr PS33991d ago

Outside covered in yellow snow if you catch my drift

dragunrising3991d ago

The 360 will outsell the PS3 this holiday no contest. It is ridiculous and irrational to think otherwise. You don't have to be a fanboy to come to this conclusion either. Price and diversity of games will decide this holiday. Therefore, expect the sales to look like this: DS,Wii, Xbox 360,PS2,PSP,PS3. This the way sales have been ALL year and its not going to change. There is no way a 100K a month PS3 is going to start selling 1 million a month. As much as I would like to get one, I don't see the benefit yet besides blu-ray. When Spring and the $300 dollar (PS3)price is reached it should be a different scenario. Disagree if you want, or offer an intelligent rebuttal.

ruibing3991d ago

Though I doubt it, it makes me happy whenever I hear of it.

godofthunder103990d ago

none of them know what will happen,i've read other articles saying that the 360 will sell 2 to 1 over the ps3 so you see they say what they want to happen,they really don't know.

season0073990d ago

in the past 3 months, PS3 had more good and diversed games than xbox360, though good games are good games , more people still want to play NEW games....

in the next 6 years, PS3 will have MUCH more good and diversed games than xbox360...and most of them aren't FPS, that's what the word diverse is for

i am not quite sure about this christmas, but whatever the outcome, it is the start of the taking over...

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TheMART3991d ago

Nope, several analysts already predicted the 360 will outsell the PS3 by 2:1

World wide expect a massive slaughter in sales. Wii will be on top of all though, it's price is just closest to 200 Euro/Dollar when the mass buys....

juandren3991d ago

What don't people understand? If the Wii's and 360's prices were matched people would still buy the Wii. It has a great selling point to the mass market. The same mass market that doesn't care about the difference between Wii and 360 graphics.

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Thugbot1873991d ago

People are excited about the Wii because it's different. The control is a novelty and most people see that and get excited. Once the excitement wears off it sits and collects dust. Reason most games that come out for the system score well below a 6 rating.

PS3 while the price drop is going to get people looking back in the direction of the PS3 honestly this Christmas PS3 really has no games; and don’t see much coming until the end of the 1st Quarter 08. If things are going to turn around for the PS3 it won’t be until the true heavy hitters like GT5, MGS4, FFXIII, KillZone2. Those are the true heavy hitters for the system and the ones that will have people flocking to the system.

360 is in a perfect position this holiday it has the best game library to get excited about. While I’m sure fanyboys will disagree and say PS3 is better. I’m not hate ‘n just saying I don’t see anything on the PS3 that I want this Christmas and I’m sure many gamers feel that way. So I will be holding out for another price drop and the games I want to drop before I pick one up.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

No way, the Xbox 360 is the hottest thing on the block....literally. Cold and Xbox 360 do not belong in the same sentence together.

/bad joke

Andronicus3991d ago

that comment is as dumb as me spelling "phucking", though i did it for effect. you seem to seriously beleive ps3 has no games, i guess you are part of that 60% idiot population of the world.

uxo223991d ago

If 60% of the world are idiots (As you put it) then that would make them the Norm. Therefore the other 40% are the ones with the problem, and or the idiots if you will.

Tabasco3991d ago

so minorities have a problem because they are the minorities? What are u suggesting, because a mass crowed chooses one side means it right, or because New Hampshire is 90% white means that is the right race?

uxo223990d ago

You said "so minorities have a problem because they are the minorities? What are u suggesting, because a mass crowed chooses one side means it right, or because New Hampshire is 90% white means that is the right race?"

Haha, you probably thought you were really being intelligent when you were make that ignorant comment didn't you. First off my misguided son, were are not talking minorities in terms of race. I really don't even know how you even came to that conclusion.

Let me try and break it down so that you can't further try and mislead others. The point or half point I was trying to make (All in fun mind you.) was, in your standard democratic society, the majority rules (that would be the side with the most votes.) It's not saying that either side is right or wrong. However, if a decision had to be made on something, the decision most chosen is pretty much going to be chosen as the decision for all to follow.

Some people don't think smoking a joint should be against the law, where as a larger majority does. With that being said, guess what, unless its for medical reasons, it's actually against the law.

Here is another example (believe it or not, without trying to make it a race issue as you did.) If you were in a room with 999 other people and you saw what you thought was red paint on the wall. I mean, you are 100% sure of it. Yet the other 999 people felt 100% and believed that the wall was blue. Guess what, as long as you are in the confines of that location and under their presents for all intensive purposes, that red wall that you see has just become blue, whether you like it or not. Not that you were wrong, its just that your answer was rejected and not considered the correct answer by the other 999 and thus you have been ignored.

Now, let's go back to the original post, what I was trying to say and remember I was doing it as humor. If you are saying that 60% of a body of people are ignorant and you are part of a 40% minority, then in the eyes of the majority of the people, who are actually considered to be the idiots?

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Counter_ACT3991d ago

Im quite a PS3 fanboy, but Xbox 360 wont be "left out in the cold" at all. If anything it will probably outsell PS3 in the US at least.

ravinash3991d ago

Europe PS3 will pull ahead and japan it will be PS3 way ahead of 360.
But Wii will kick everyones butt because parents would rather have their kids moving round in front of the screen and the Wii is marketed more towards them where Xbox is after the gamer market.

Daxx3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )


mighty_douche3991d ago

with christmas around the corner, a time for family and friends, i know id much rather spend the time having pre-determined conversations with a console.