Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012 Beta Version Changes Revealed Part 2/2

Heres the info on the updates of SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Beta Version. Its the second part!

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iDotDotDot2522d ago

I like this new set of changes. However why is Makoto still getting nerfed, when everyone else seems to be getting buffs?

MoXxXi2522d ago

Im confused as to why Hakan isnt getting any love! I mean sure, the guy is ugly as crap but come on! Hes kinda fun to use, once you get past the fact that he is absolutely horrible...

iDotDotDot2522d ago

They actually gave Hakan some very good Buffs in the Alpha version of the game. This means that they are keeping those buffs for the duration of the beta testing.

If hes lucky he will get them in the final version.

They buffed him already, they just didn't change anything.

GuruGavrill2522d ago


2522d ago
--Onilink--2522d ago

4 releases of the same game in around 2 years is just ridiculous... there is a reason why we have updates available this gen, to avoid this kind of shady bussiness strategies, not like capcom seems to care

iDotDotDot2522d ago

Ver.2012 is a Free Update the only problem is they can't seem to balance the game properly.

If they don't do it with this next patch then the rebalance after this we are gonna have to pay.

--Onilink--2522d ago

somehow im pretty convinced we will end up seeing a retail version of this update, its not like anything that was done on SSFIV or SSF IV AE couldnt have been done to the original title as updates

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