Mysterious Video Hints At Unannounced PlayStation Move Game

An anonymous source pointed iWaggle3D to a video entitled "Odd Forest" depicting what seems to be an unannounced Move title. The source didn't provide any details, but said info will come very soon.

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jack_burt0n2656d ago

Thats the future of adventure games and it looks fantastic!

nice 1 waggle.


Not sure what to make of this.....looks amazing but are we going to be playing as a floating hand who is looking for a body?

Also replay the video mute it and play the attached video in the background. Amazing


Also I wish it was a PS Eye only title and not move. I want yo use my real hand pick up stuff and show people the middle finger - using move and pressing a button to open and close your hand does not really excite me.

Godmars2902656d ago

A disembodied hand mind.

Bit creepy really. Especially the way its fondling everything.

Hazmat132656d ago

hand tracking or move controller thing?

iWaggleVR2656d ago

Definitely Move. Check the video starting at 1.07 (bottom right corner)

manman62656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

What happen to Sorcery?

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The story is too old to be commented.