Top 10 Characters You Want As Your Head Of Security

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution you are Adam Jensen, the Head of Security for a large corporation specializing in cybernetics and augmentation. In honor of Mr. Jensen's career path, let's look at 10 other characters who might be even better at coordinating security for a major business.

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Quagmire2454d ago

Dont read it. Its stupid.

HeavenlySnipes2454d ago

Yeah^ he's right. Don't read it......

Solid_Snake-2454d ago

agreed. i read the article and was wondering why Big Boss isnt in there. he managed to save the world even though Half of what he'd been told was a complete and utter lie... the other half was a conveniently constructed lie.

RSEagle2454d ago

Why is there a guy with an AT&T shirt as the picture?

dark-hollow2454d ago

Top 10 worst top 10 lists.
Am sure this will be number 1.

kma2k2454d ago

Without even reading the article just answering the question what character in a video game shit its easy Cole Train Baby!

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