House Of The Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Creeping Flesh

EU PSBlog: "Not content with simply revealing the first exclusive level for the PS3 release of House of the Dead: OVERKILL, I’m back to give you the scoop on the second one too. Set in the cosy confines of an abattoir taken over by a meaty disease of sorts, Creeping Flesh delivers you more of the additional awesome content we’ve lovingly added to the extended, and definitive, edition of OVERKILL."

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Tired2512d ago

Looking forward to this!

Happythedog2511d ago

Cod and this are my most wanted.

-MD-2511d ago

I wouldn't go around admitting that.

Happythedog2511d ago

Over 10 million people admit it why can't I ?

maniacmayhem2511d ago

Damn...damn! The confusion i face. Do i get a Move just to play this most awesome of all awesome game? I wish there was an old school Videots around so i can rent the move gamefly this game and have a blast playing it all over again.