How to Make the Perfect Fighting Game

There have been amazing advancements in the fighting genre this year but no one game has got everything right.

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Tanir2637d ago

Blazblue continuum shift is almost perfect,

very diverse characters, with the current patch is very balanced, great story, very likeable characters, fast gameplay, classic crisp 2d animation, complex yet simple fighting mechanics,

can't go wrong with blazblue!

zerocrossing2637d ago

I agree Blazblue is awesome!

Cant wait for Blazblue continuum shift Extend! It will be the reason I buy a Vita, lol.

Kos-Mos2637d ago

I think it`s too slow.

Tanir2637d ago

wtf kos-mos lol

have you correctly played the game? the only fighting games faster than BB is marvel vs capcom and guilty gear.

street fighter,arcana hearts and king of fighters are all slower than blazblue

Kos-Mos2637d ago

Yes I have and I'll say it again without acting like a child: it's too slow.

Cablephish2637d ago

For it to be perfect, it has to be Street Fighter x Tekken x Nintendo x Tatsunoko x DC x Marvel x Mortal Kombat x Blazblue x SNK x Everything else I forgot to throw in, and be akin to Smash Bros.

But that's just my opinion. ;)

Tanir2637d ago

lol as almost awesome as that might be,

there would be ridiculous gameplay inconsistancies and balance probs, not ot mention art style conflicts aaswell haha but its nice to dream

Cablephish2637d ago

Yeah, I've always thought this though in terms of inconsistencies, if there were to be, say Nintendo x Street Fighter, how would Nintendo characters be proportioned to Street Fighter characters? They would have to change Nintendo characters to look more like SF characters, or vice versa?

Kos-Mos2637d ago

You have to remove mortal kombat from there. It`s just a fun game without depth.

josephayal2637d ago

SSF4 Still the best fighting game ever

LionheartAce2637d ago

Street Fighter III already exists. (even with the glitches)