Mafia II's Vito Scaletta Speaks - An Interview With Rick Pasqualone

"An accomplished actor, Rick Pasqualone’s voice work in games has seen itself multiply ten fold. Appearing in games like Red Faction: Guerilla, Infamous, Resistance 2 and Army of Two: 40th Day -- Rick has become a well-rounded and respected VA. His most noteable role? Some would argue differently, but TGL would like to draw your attention to Mafia II.

Here's TGL's interview with Rick"

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morganfell2672d ago

Mafia II. A remarkable and highly underrated game with incredible graphical prowess, a great story, and the best driving physics yet.

SilentNegotiator2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Not to mention generic shooting and fighting mechanics and an "open world" with nothing to do but collect softcore pornography.

ExitToExisT2672d ago

he did an amazing job , and i loved vito. i hope there will be a mafia 3 soon and again vito will be the protagonist


Mafia 3,4,5,.... Bring it and more infamous. Good stuff.