Daggerdale Dev Diary: From D&D to Action-RPG

Posted by Tim Ernst: When we first heard about the opportunity to not only work with Wizards of the Coast but on the Dungeons & Dragons property itself, well let’s just say that the nerdgasm around the studio was at an all-time high. We went with action-RPG as the genre based off of studio competency, market trends and general interest (basically, we thought it was cool and knew we can do a good job of it.) We knew that this the best fit for our first D&D game.

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Dlacy13g2511d ago

Daggerdale could be a fantastic game if they just put a little more care and love into that IP. At its core its a decent game but it lacks character and color... They really needed to take a page from a game like Torchlight and make it more vibrant. I really wanted to love this is...its just ok.